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The Little-Known Phone Setting That Prevents Screen Cracks

The Little-Known Phone Setting That Prevents Screen Cracks

While a phone case and screen protector are crucial for physical protection, there’s a lesser-known setting that can help prevent screen cracks: the “Reduce Motion” or “Motion Reduction” setting. At The Fix Solutions, we believe in not just repairing but also educating our customers on preventive measures. Here’s how this setting can contribute to screen longevity.

  1. Understanding Reduce Motion

The “Reduce Motion” setting, found in many smartphones, reduces the visual effects on the screen. While its primary purpose is to minimize motion sickness and improve device accessibility, it also has an indirect benefit for screen protection.

  1. How Reduce Motion Helps

By simplifying animations and transitions, this setting can slightly reduce the processing load on your phone. This reduction can lead to less heat generation, which in some cases, can help maintain the integrity of your screen’s components over time.

  1. Activating the Setting

To activate the Reduce Motion setting:

  • On iOS: Go to Settings > Accessibility > Motion, and then turn on Reduce Motion.
  • On Android: The steps can vary, but you typically find it under Settings > Accessibility. The exact name of the setting might differ based on the device.
  1. Other Benefits

Apart from potentially aiding in screen longevity, reducing motion can also extend battery life and improve the overall responsiveness of your device.

  1. Complementing with Physical Protection

While activating Reduce Motion can be beneficial, it’s not a substitute for physical protection. A sturdy case and high-quality screen protector remain essential for safeguarding your phone against drops and impacts.

  1. Professional Advice and Services

For more tips on protecting your phone and expert repair services, visit The Fix Solutions. We provide comprehensive care for your devices, from protective measures to repair solutions.

Activating the Reduce Motion setting is a simple step you can take to potentially extend the life of your phone’s screen. Remember, a combination of settings adjustments and physical protection offers the best defense against screen damage. For all your phone care needs, rely on The Fix Solutions.


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