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AirPods Pro Get Major Software Updates: Improved Voice Isolation and More

AirPods Pro Get Major Software Updates: Improved Voice Isolation and More

At WWDC 2024, Apple unveiled significant software updates for the AirPods Pro, promising to elevate the user experience with enhanced audio features and new capabilities. These updates focus on improving voice isolation, spatial audio, and overall device performance. At The Fix, we explore these updates in detail and discuss how they enhance the functionality of the AirPods Pro.

Key Features of the AirPods Pro Software Update

  1. Improved Voice Isolation One of the standout features of the new software update is improved voice isolation. This feature uses advanced algorithms to enhance the clarity of the user’s voice during phone calls and voice commands by filtering out background noise. This ensures that the person on the other end of the call hears you clearly, even in noisy environments such as crowded streets or bustling cafes .
  2. Advanced Spatial Audio The update also brings enhancements to spatial audio, providing a more immersive listening experience. Spatial audio with dynamic head tracking creates a surround sound effect, making it feel like the sound is coming from all around you. This feature is particularly effective when watching movies or listening to music with multi-dimensional sound effects, offering a cinema-like audio experience directly from your AirPods Pro .
  3. Personalized Audio Profiles Apple has introduced personalized audio profiles, allowing users to create custom sound settings based on their hearing preferences. This feature analyzes the user’s hearing and adjusts the audio output to optimize clarity and richness, ensuring a tailored listening experience. These profiles can be set up through the Health app, where users can take a hearing test to determine their ideal audio settings .
  4. Enhanced Transparency Mode Transparency mode, which lets users hear ambient sounds while listening to music or making calls, has been significantly improved. The new update enhances this mode by intelligently adjusting the level of ambient noise based on the user’s environment. This ensures that important sounds, such as oncoming traffic or public announcements, are clearly audible while still enjoying audio content .
  5. Battery Optimization The software update includes features aimed at improving battery life and management. AirPods Pro now come with an optimized battery charging feature, which learns your charging routine and waits to finish charging past 80% until you need to use them. This helps reduce battery aging and extends the overall lifespan of the AirPods Pro’s battery .
  6. Integration with Apple Devices The new update enhances the seamless integration of AirPods Pro with other Apple devices. Users can easily switch between their iPhone, iPad, and Mac without manually connecting each time. Additionally, the update introduces a new feature where AirPods Pro can automatically connect to the device you’re actively using, improving convenience and connectivity .
  7. Find My Improvements The Find My app has been updated to provide more precise location tracking for your AirPods Pro. This includes new proximity views and sound alerts to help locate misplaced AirPods more easily. Users can also receive separation alerts if they leave their AirPods behind, ensuring they don’t lose these valuable devices .


The software updates announced for the AirPods Pro at WWDC 2024 significantly enhance the functionality and user experience of Apple’s popular earbuds. With improved voice isolation, advanced spatial audio, personalized audio profiles, and enhanced integration with other Apple devices, these updates demonstrate Apple’s commitment to providing high-quality audio experiences. At The Fix, we are excited to see how these updates will benefit users and look forward to exploring more innovations in the world of audio technology.

For more detailed information, visit Apple’s official WWDC 2024 highlights.