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Why Some Phones Survive Drops and Others Don’t – Insider Secrets Revealed

Why Some Phones Survive Drops and Others Don’t – Insider Secrets Revealed

Ever wondered why some smartphones seem to withstand drops better than others? It’s not just about luck. At The Fix Solutions, we understand the intricacies that make certain phones more durable and we’re here to share these insider secrets.

  1. Build Quality and Materials

The materials used in a phone’s construction play a significant role in its durability. Phones with a metal or high-quality plastic body tend to withstand drops better than those with cheaper materials. Additionally, the way these materials are engineered and put together affects the overall sturdiness.

  1. Design and Structural Integrity

The design of the phone is also crucial. Phones with a more compact and robust design are less likely to sustain damage upon impact. Rounded corners can also help to distribute the force of the drop more evenly.

  1. Screen Protection

The type of glass used for the screen matters. Some manufacturers use specialized, reinforced glass that is more resistant to cracking. However, no glass is unbreakable, which is why a screen protector is always recommended.

  1. The Role of Phone Cases

A good phone case can significantly increase a phone’s chances of surviving a drop. Cases designed to absorb shock can protect both the phone’s body and its internal components from damage.

  1. Internal Component Layout

The arrangement of internal components can influence a phone’s durability. Phones designed with a more balanced internal layout tend to be less susceptible to damage from impacts.

  1. Your Next Steps for Protection

Understanding why some phones survive drops can help you make informed choices about purchasing and protecting your device. To find the best protective accessories and get professional advice, visit The Fix Solutions. We offer a range of solutions to help keep your phone safe.

In conclusion, while some phones are indeed built to be more durable, proper care and protection can make a significant difference. For all your smartphone protection needs and expert services, count on The Fix Solutions.


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