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Phone Repair Service

There are over 3 billion smartphone users in the world. People spend an average of 4 to 6 hours per day on their phones. We use phones to do our
business and to keep a close connection with our friends and family.
There is no doubt that the mobile phone is one of the essential
belongings we must carry every day.

During the use of our mobile phones, there is always a moment we may accidentally damage our phone. It may cause by dropping it on the ground or falling into the water. Then, the phone becomes to malfunction. It will bring you many troubles and slow you down from your life. You maybe wonder how long the average smartphone is supposed to last, and when is time to start thinking about purchasing a
new one. Most of the smartphones should last a minimum of 2-3 years.
Sadly, if you purchase your phone recently and didn’t buy a warranty,
having a phone repair service from its original stores would cost you a
lot. If you decide to buy a new phone, it takes even more from your pocket.

At the Fix, we offer quick, reliable, and affordable phone repair services.
Our experienced, highly trained technician will jump into action as soon as we receive the order. We use qualified phone parts to ensure our
customer’s device has the best results after repair.

Effective communication will make work more efficient. When you call us or walk into any of the stores nearby to inquire about the repair. Our
technician will inquire about some basic information about your phone,
for example, the type of the phone, the model, how long the issues have been last? We offer our customers a free diagnostic test. In this way, we
can make sure you get the fastest service and you will pay only the parts

that need to be fixed. You can expect to get your phone back within one hour. Normally, for a broken phone screen, it only takes 45 minutes.

What are you waiting for? Call us and book an appointment now or visit
our stores to get your phone back work like new again.

iPhone 11 Pro Repair

What phone repair service you may need for your phone?

iPhone 11 Pro Broken Screen Repair

Do you have a cracked screen on your phone? The screen on your phone is one of the most important components. People get screen damage by dropping it on the ground or hit by something. Almost 38% report their most recent cause of damage as a drop or fall. We understand it can be a
huge pain for you. Whether it has spots and colorful lines on your OLED
screen or the screen doesn’t respond to your finger press.

Our professionals can help you to figure out all the issues. The process
of fixing the damaged phone screen will be finished within 45 minutes.
Drop by any of our stores or call to book an appointment now. Let us
eliminate all the troubles you have with your phone.

Water Damage

In the survey its shows 30% of people who get phone damage by
suffering water damage.

The water damage is caused by the exposure of liquid. People usually

notice water damage symptoms immediately. In some cases, it may take weeks or months before your device becomes to malfunction. While drying out the water can cause the cell phone to function normally, it can also lead to further damages as the evaporated moisture can lead to corrosion of some internal parts. You better pay attention to your phone
and don’t delay the repair time.

At the Fix, our professionals provide reliable phone battery water damage repair. We will diagnose your phone and identify the problems,
then you will only pay for the parts that need to be fixed.

Battery Replacement

Battery life impacts how long a smartphone lasts. A healthy usage habit will help you increase the battery life. However, there is no avoiding this will decrease. It would be frustrating to find your iPhone battery constantly low. Or the temperature of your battery is constantly high.

Our technician can help you save your battery. At the fix, we offer a
high-quality battery for your battery replacement. Call us or stop by any of the stores nearby, let’s bring the phone back to work together

Charging Port Issue

When you are charging your phone and your phone has a shaky,
intermittent charging when connected, or don’t respond when plugged to
the charger, or constantly shows low battery while charging, or even
refuses to turn on after being plugged for a while. Then, the problem
may come from the charging port, not the battery.

Bring to our experienced technician, we will run a diagnostic test to identify whether the charging components need to be repaired. Call us to
book an appointment or walk-in any of our stores nearby to repair your phone.

Camera Issue

Do you realize your phone’s camera has a problem with it? Does the image become blurry and distorted? The phone camera is designed to capture those wonderful moments for you. It is frustrating that not
getting a high resolution, clear images.

If you find out your camera have the problems listed above, call us or
drop by any of our stores nearby, let our experienced professionals help
you fix the camera.


If the issues you experienced are not listing above, not worry. We have a
team of professional technicians. They have a wealth of knowledge to ensure your device gets repaired properly.