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Find the Best iPhone Repair Service for Water-damaged Issue

The mishap can hit anywhere, anytime. If somehow you dropped your iPhone in water, then in the process of saving your device, you’ll do the needful action of drying it out, assessing and fixing the damage, and also retrieve the data inside. But, what if this process won’t help you to get your device function normally as it was before?

At The FIX, we take the opportunity to address this issue and consider it our honor if the iPhone user benefits from our suggestions. We don’t guarantee anything exceptional, but we believe our tips, apart from our cell phone repair support, can add value to customers’ experience, and the water-damaged iPhone can see the daylight!

Immediate Treatment

Get the iPhone straight out of the water. Don’t waste time. Avoid connecting your iPhone to a charger. If already plugged in, make sure to unplug it with utmost care. Don’t switch it on as it will cause short circuits, which will damage the iPhone permanently.

Also, don’t forget to take out the SIM card. You will find water particles in every corner of the phone. Just wipe off the water with a clean and soft towel or a porous cloth whichever is readily available. Hold the iPhone upside down and give a thorough jerk so that the water ejects out of the mobile ports and sockets.

Powering off the device

If you don’t want to trigger the circuits inside the iPhone, we always suggest to switch it off because it might cause short circuits, and then your iPhone repair might be beyond our control. In case, your iphone gets off, then keep it in the same state. Don’t make an early attempt to check whether it is functioning or not. This may overhipe the issue and might not be repairable then.

Drying out in a rice bowl

The uncooked rice could absorb moisture effectively from the iPhone. The chances are that dust will accumulate in the mobile ports, though. Therefore, during the implementation of this process, you have to take reasonable steps.

If you can arrange, the silica gel will be a better option than uncooked rice. These tiny little packets contain some electronic ingredients if stored in a humid environment for long.

Final Step

To get expert advice, it is suggested to consult with a professional of the iPhone repair service center. You can reach them by getting the information from the internet by simply searching “iPhone repair near me”. And within seconds your issue will be resolved by the skilled technicians.

Bear in mind, though, those iOS devices do have internal liquid detectors. We suggest you contact The FIX branch at your place for a smooth resolution.

Water is undoubtedly a big concern for iPhones and iPads, going deep inside the circuitry and causing short circuits. So, you can avoid those common hazards by taking enough precautions. After all, prevention is better than cure.

The Fix has been continuously obliging their valued customers in a bid to repair several iPhone models. We are offering professional mobile repair services for years and have a base of happy customers.

We have a team of expert technicians, who always treat your smartphone with great care. Please feel free to contact us at for whatever details you need to collect as regards iPhone repair.