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Phone Repair Companies in WA

If you find yourself with a broken phone in the Evergreen State, you’re definitely going to be in need of some extra help. Seattle is probably the least navigation-friendly city on the west coast without the help of your maps app. On top of that, the likelihood that your cracked screen gets rained on (and put in extra danger) is astronomically high. And that’s if your phone isn’t already water damaged to begin with. Don’t waste your time with poor quality repair jobs in this state when there are so many good options out there. We’ve rounded up a list of the best phone repair companies in WA for when you need them most.

The Fix

The Pacific Northwest is the land of friendly people and even friendlier customer service. This has never been truer than at The Fix, where the professional technicians are also the smiling faces that you see when you walk through the front door. You’ll never know how much a kind word can do to lift a person’s day until you’re on the receiving end of it when you’re stressed out and anxious. Beyond their great customer service, you’ll find experts in phone repair that really know how to diagnose a problem and make it right again. Plus, they’ll do it so quickly that you’ll be on your way with a newly intact phone before you even know it.

My Broken Phone

If you’re in the very southern part of Washington (alright, let’s just call it what is it — a suburb of Portland, OR) then you might try hitting up My Broken Phone. They’ve got a pretty narrow range of phones that they fix, but what they do they do well. They’ll also buy your old phones if you’re interested in saying goodbye to your older model instead of doing a trade in. Their brand is pretty darn cute, too, with the emojis.

Amigo Cell Phone Repair

Do you or a family member or friend need cell phone repairs in Washington that’s bilingual (Spanish)? This place might be right up your alley. It can be difficult trying to get across exactly what happened with a broken phone if there’s a bit of a language barrier. You can feel more confident that you understand the price quotes and that the technician understands what went wrong if you’re working with Spanish-speaking techs as a Spanish speaker yourself.

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