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Phone Repair Companies in TX

What’s the first thing you do when your phone breaks? Maybe you’ve dropped it on the ground in the parking lot, hitting the corner so perfectly that the screen shatters. Perhaps your phone has gone swimming in the toilet bowl at work. Maybe it’s just mysteriously stopped working and you have no idea what to do next. Finding a phone repair company in TX is probably high on your to-do list. After all, your whole life is contained on your phone, right? From your contact numbers to your maps apps and the simple ability to Google any answers to questions you may have had, your phone is your lifeline to the outside world. So fire up that desktop and get searching for people who can help.

The Fix

Want someone who can fix your broken phone fast? The Fix is named that way for a reason. They know that your needs are simple when you’re suffering with a phoneless life. You want a fast solution, and you want it done right. Good customer care by an experienced team certainly wouldn’t go amiss, either. After all, hospitality has to count for something here in Texas, right?

CPR Cell Phone Repair

If you’d rather get a consultation in person with a cost estimate, you can always try CPR Cell Phone Repair. The online estimator of The Fix will give you an estimate before you even enter the store, but some people are old-fashioned like this. They do make it easy to schedule an appointment right on their homepage, which may be a perk for some people.

Battery Joe

Well with a name like that, who could resist Battery Joe. All kidding aside, these guys are great if you want to get your car battery replaced at the same time as you’re getting your broken phone screen fixed. They have locations in the place like Lubbock and Amarillo, in case you’re traveling outside of the major cities. And traveling is indeed an important time to ensure your phone is in full working order. After all, how many times do you use your phone to pull up flight information, directions or call a Lyft?

West Texas Smart Phone Repair

Alright, they may not have an address but if you need a quick phone repair in Odessa these guys can help you out. They’re sort of a no-frills situation, though, so go in understanding that.