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How to Turn Off Samsung Galaxy S7 without Screen?


How To Turn Off Samsung Galaxy S7 Without Screen

It is not possible to perform any operation on your Android phone whose screen is broken or does not work for other reasons. Who wouldn’t want to start a broken Android phone? This can be useful, especially when repairing the phone, to avoid the risk of the mechanic shuffling your files. So, how to turn off Samsung galaxy s7 without screen?

Manage your Samsung Galaxy S7 without Screen

Use Android Control Program

Download the Android Control program to your computer. After downloading and installing the program on your computer, connect the phone to the computer via a USB cable. Thanks to the Android Control program, you can manage the screen of your phone that opens on your computer screen using the keyboard and mouse connected to your computer.

How To Turn Off Samsung Galaxy S7 Without Screen

Use OTG Cable and Mouse

Connect an OTG cable to your phone and connect the mouse to this OTG cable. So you can use your Samsung Galaxy S7 phone with no display. However, the lock screen of your smartphone must be turned on for this to take place.

Unlock Phone with Find My Device

Step 3 of the question of how to turn off Samsung galaxy s7 without screen and Google’s App Find My Device helps you in case your smartphone is lost or you can’t unlock your phone. You can unlock your broken phone using Find My Google Device.

After going to the application page, log in to the Google account that your phone is connected to. You can remove the screen lock by clicking the Unlock button from the section where your device model is displayed on the screen that opens.

Project Your Phone’s Screen to Computer with Vysor

To debug your phone’s screen to a computer using the Vysor app, you must first turn on USB Debug Mode on your smartphone. If USB Debug Mode is turned on and Vysor is installed on your phone, you can manage your phone from the computer screen.

In the next step, connect your Android device to the computer and open Vysor in Chrome, then tap Find Devices. When the Vysor plug-in finds your phone connected to the computer, select your phone from the screen and click OK in the window that will open on your Android device. When Vysor Connected appears on the screen of your smartphone, you can start managing the phone from the computer.

Everyone is aware of the fact that Samsung is one of those brands which have a good proportion of market share in the technology market. Features of these phones are always updated. Today in this topic we will discuss on some methods which can be used when you ask how to turn off Samsung Galaxy S7 without screen. One can use these methods in order to avoid the visit to a phone repair store that will cost a lost . The list of various methods which can be utilised to turn off Samsung Galaxy S7 without screen are:


It is one of the most convenient answers to how to turn off Samsung Galaxy S7 without screen . This method can be used to turn off mobile phones as otg cable and mouse is available with everyone. Firstly take an otg cable and connect one end to the phone and the other end to the mouse. With the help of this one can use their Samsung s7 even without screen but the display should be on for this. By this method one can easily switch off their phone.


Firstly one needs to download the Android Control program in your computer. Once the procedure of downloading and installing the program on computer is completed connect the phone with the computer using OTG cable. Now with the help of this program one can manage the phone using computer screen, keyboard and mouse. This is also one of the most preferred methods.


You can even switch off your mobile Samsung Galaxy S7 with the help of certain buttons. It includes certain steps which are as follows:

Step 1: The first thing one should do is take a  wall charger then connect your Galaxy S7 and S7 edge to wall charger using USB cable.

Step 2: After that one needs to press and hold the volume down button and Power button together for at least 10 seconds.

Step 3: After 10 seconds release firstly the power button and then volume down button.

Once these steps are completed the device should be powered off and in order to have a check one can wake up the screen and the screen will be showing a charging battery icon.

How To Turn Off Samsung Galaxy S7 Without Screen

These are the few steps or methods which one can use in order to find an answer to their question of how to turn off Samsung Galaxy S7 without screen.  These methods are convenient as well as cost efficient. By using these methods  one can cut down the miscellaneous cost which includes the cost of mechanics and many more. The FIX is always ready to provide solutions to all the problems related to technology. Keep following our blogs to get all the possible solutions to the problems related to technology.

We have answered the question of how to turn off Samsung galaxy s7 without screen. If you are having problems with your device, you can contact the TheFixSolutions team in the contact section.