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Phone Repair Companies in NJ

Having a broken phone can seriously disrupt your life. Whether it’s just cracks on the screen or the full black screen effect, it’s stressful. When you’re looking for Phone repair companies in NJ, there a few things to watch for. Thankfully, you’ll have options to get your life back on track, phone in hand.

The Fix

We might be a little biased, but we’d say we’re definitely the top choice for phone repairs here in NJ. The Fix has the perfect balanced of highly skilled technicians, excellent quality repairs and great customer service. You can rest easy knowing that your ever-important phone is in the right hands.


Yufixit offers phone repairs in addition to tablets, e-readers and laptops. While the range of repairs can be nice, it also may mean that they don’t specialize in phone repairs as much. Just make sure you find an employee who knows how to fix your specific type of phone and has expertise doing so. A bad repair job can be even worse than the broken screen in the first place, especially if it was still technically functional. If you’re afraid of voiding a warranty, make sure that you’re finding the right repair person for your screen.

iLogic Repairs

If you’re looking for phone repair companies in NJ, iLogic Repairs may work for your needs. They’ll be able to fix your broken screen, though they only have one location in Rutherford. Often, getting your phone fixed requires you to find a shop near you. After all, it’s difficult to navigate around town if you don’t have your maps app available. It’s also just frustrating to have to take so much time out of your day to run an errand like this.

Servicio Express

If you’re in need of a Spanish-speaking technician who can help repair your phone, Servicio could be the right fit. It’s important to communicate exactly how you broke your phone so that the repair shop can take the appropriate steps in fixing it. For example, was water involved at all? What was the orientation of the phone when it fell? Have you been able to use it normally other than the cracked screen? Customer service should rank highly on your list of what to look for in a phone repair shop here in NJ.