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Reparatur der Spielkonsole

Just like you, we are passionate gamers. We understand the pain you feel when your game console starts acting up. The frustrations that well up when you try to turn on the console, and it shows the dreaded blue light of death ‚Äď we understand that too. That is why, with our professional, expert game console repair services, we can get your game console back to life. At The Fix, we offer a variety of comprehensive game console repair services that include but not limited to: video game controller repair, disk retrieval, Wii U repairs, Xbox Red ring of death repair, Open tray or disk error repair, HDMI repair, game freezing repairs We know how much your game console means to you. If you are anything like the gamers we know, you don't want to go a day without your game console. That is why we offer fast, same day game console repair.
Types of video game console repair we do:
Our expert technicians are experienced and can fix whatever issues on your game console. We can repair gaming consoles of different models, including all the generations of Xbox, PlayStation, or Wii. Even if you have the new NES Classic Edition, we can help you fix it too.
Free Diagnostic
Every video game console repair near me that we perform begins with a free diagnosis. The test helps us identify the problem with your console. Our technician will explain the problem to you and then make repair recommendations.
We use high quality parts
For every game console repair near me, we perform our expert technicians use only manufacturer-approved replacement parts. This way, the warranty on your device is still intact, and you also get the highest quality components for your console.
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Drop by at any of our conveniently located repair stores near you for a quick, same day game console repair. Or, you can call to book an appointment with one of our expert technicians for onsite repair.
Searching for a reliable Xbox One repair near you? Are you having some issues with your game console? The expert technicians at The Fix can repair your console quickly and at an affordable price. Whether it's an with the HDMI port, the disc drive refuses to close, heating due to faulty fans or an upgrade, we can fix it for you. Drop by at one of our conveniently located stores or call to arrange a home repair with one of our expert technicians.
Having a broken, faulty or damaged Xbox 360 Slim can be very frustrating. Not only does it prevent you from playing your favorite games, but it could also even force you to spend lots of money for a new one. You don't have to spend that much before you can play your favorite games again. Our quick, same day and affordable Xbox 360 slim repair services can help you fix the problem. No matter the issues with your game console, our expert technicians have the experience to repair it. All you have to do is drop by at any of our conveniently located stores or call to arrange a location and time for onsite repair.
XBOX 360
Nothing is more frustrating than your XBOX 360 acting up after a hard day's work when you need to relax. Your game console should be there for you when you need it. But as it so often happens with electronics, they pack up when you least expect. There's nothing to worry about though, at The Fix we have expert technicians that can help restore your Xbox 360 when you need it. Our fast, same day repair services mean you don't have to wait all day to get your Xbox back. Drop by at any of our conveniently located stores or call to arrange place and time for one of our technicians to come over and repair the game console.
PlayStation 4
PlayStation 4 is one of the newest generations of PS series. Packed full of cutting-edge features and sophisticated technology that makes the gaming console a joy and fun to use. Unfortunately, even though the console is sturdy and well-built, it is still prone to damages. Water spills, dropping on hard ground, dirt and debris, and wear and tear from regular use can impact your PlayStation 4. At The Fix, our expert technicians can repair and restore your PS 4 to work as new again. Visit any of our conveniently located stores or call to book an appointment for onsite repairs.
PlayStation 3 Slim
Having issues with your PlayStation 3 Slim? Whether it is the dread yellow light of death or the HDMI port suddenly developed faults or the console was accidentally banged against an object, our expert technicians at The Fix, can fix it. We offer affordable, fast, same day PS 3 Slim repair so you can get back to the gaming seat in no time. To show how confident we are in our repair process, we offer a guaranteed warranty on all repairs. Visit any of our conveniently located stores or call to book an appointment with one of our technicians for onsite repairs.
PlayStation 3
Searching for a PlayStation 3 repair service near me? Looking for a trustworthy, reliable and affordable PS repair center? We are experts in PlayStation 3 repair with several years of experience. Our highly trained and professional technicians will restore your PS 3 gaming console to new no matter the problem. Plus, all our PlayStation 3 repair come with a guaranteed warranty so you can feel confident in the quality of repairs we have provided. Visit any of our conveniently located stores or call to book an appointment with one of our technicians for onsite repairs.