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Wie viel kostet die Reparatur eines iPad-Bildschirms?


How Much Does It Cost To Repair An iPad Screen

The revolutionary product that kickstarted the era of tablets, the Apple iPad became an instant hit with the people who loved it limitlessly and were ready to do anything to get their hands on such a cutting edge technology of the future. The major source of such an immense response and coveted demand was its attractive big screen that made reading and working on a handheld device so much easier and simpler.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair An iPad Screen

But that massive screen is not invincible and just like any normal screen, it too will shatter when dropped. It might also happen that your iPad’s internal software goes haywire and leaves the screen unresponsive. Or the LCD screen in your iPad may stop functioning altogether with the passage of time. Whatever may be the reason, the number one question that might come to your mind when you think about getting the screen repaired is how much does it cost to repair an iPad screen.

To answer this question, The FIX has put together this article that will not only tell you how much does it cost to repair an iPad screen, but will also tell you where to go for best iPad screen repair and replacement.

The Apple iPad tablet screen may break as a result of falling to the floor, applying pressure on it, hitting it on a hard surface, or involuntary errors. In such a case, a screen replacement is required. iPad screen replacement prices vary according to the tablet model. However, it is important to decide whether to replace only the touch windshield or replace the screen completely. So, how much does it cost to repair an iPad screen?

We will share the Apple iPad screen replacement prices below, but let’s talk about how to decide whether to replace only the touchscreen windshield or complete screen replacement. If the display of your iPad tablet is broken after the screen is broken and there is no break (for example, color changes) on the internal screen, only touchscreen windshield replacement is sufficient. Otherwise, a complete screen replacement is required.

How to Repair an iPad screen?

iPad screen or touch screen glass replacement is performed by our expert and experienced technicians in our technical service room using special equipment, completely sterilized, free from static electricity and kept under supervision with 24/7 security cameras.

The back panel is safely removed to expose the internal battery and motherboard. Then, all the internal components are carefully removed taking all the precautions to ensure that the internal circuit chips are not damaged. Once all the components are removed, the shattered screen can be exposed which can then be taken out and replaced or repaired as the conditions may permit.

At The FIX, all the repair work is done by highly trained expert technicians with years of hands on knowledge of iPads and other electronic accessories and they know what they are doing. You can be relaxed about the quality of repairs, as we are a company that take immense pride in our screen repair quality.

In this way, the information contained in the tablet during the screen change stages will not be deleted. There is no change in the tablet’s performance, ie touch speed, touch sensitivity, and screen brightness. One of the most popular questions for users is how much does it cost to repair an iPad screen?

Apple iPad Screen Replacement Costs List

Just below the iPad screen exchange price list is shared. For example, let’s say your iPad 3 screen is broken or the windscreen is cracked. After the screen is broken, the touchpad does not work. However, when you turn on your tablet, you see that the image is displayed and this refraction is not reflected on the internal screen. In this case, the iPad 3 touchscreen windshield replacement is sufficient. However, if there is no image after the screen breaks, color changes have occurred on the screen or if the internal screen has been faced with breaks, a complete screen change is required.

Apple iPad Screen Replacement Considerations

iPad screen replacement must be performed by a qualified and experienced technician using special equipment. The technical service room where the screen replacement is performed must be fully sterilized and free from static electricity. It should also be supervised by 24/7 security cameras. After all these changes, you should be allowed to inspect your device as many times as you like.

Come To The FIX For Cheapest Apple iPad Screen Repairs

The FIX is your go to place for all kinds of iPad screen repair. We repair your iPad screen irrespective of the kind and extent of damage at the most affordable prices that are the cheapest in the entire market. Before heading with the repair process, we run a few tests on it to determine the extent of damage and then prepare a quote for the costs of the iPad screen repair. Despite being the cheapest, our iPad screen repair services are of the highest standards and qualities. We make sure that all the work done on your iPad are of the highest quality and conform to Apple’s safety guidelines.

In this article, we discussed how much does it cost to repair an iPad screen for you. If you are having problems with your tablet, you can contact us immediately and get technical support. The FIX is always there to help you with your problems in your times of need.