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5 Signs You Have A Computer Virus

Cyber security is a major issue these days. Computer viruses and malware are not a recent phenomenon however; they have become much more prevalent in the last couple of years and this is largely due to our increased reliance on technology.

A computer virus is a program developed with the intention of causing damage to computer systems and networks. It is a program that copies itself to another program and executes a set of commands.

According to statistics, fourteen percent of all computer users in the world reported being attacked by viruses. And that number includes just those who actually reported and filed complaints!

Here is a look at some of the signs that there is a virus in your computer:

Slow Processing Speed
Slow processing speed is a sign that there might be a virus in your computer. One way you can determine if this is indeed the case is by checking the speed of your internet connection.

In addition to that, you can also use the task manager to check the active processes. In case either one of them is slower than usual, it is a sign that you have a virus.


It is quite common to see advertisements when browsing the internet however, if you start noticing advertisements and pop-up ads that suddenly start to appear over the screen of your PC, even while you are not surfing, it is a sign that there is a virus in your computer.

Reduced Space in the Hard Drive
The thing about viruses is that they make multiple of copies of themselves and start occupying space on your hard drive. Some viruses also create unwanted files on your computer.

There are some viruses, which can also delete files from your computer. This can result in loss of important data because of which it is best that you run a virus scan as soon as you notice missing files or loss of space in your hard drive.

Outgoing Emails
Email is another way in which viruses can spread. Therefore, make sure you open emails from trusted sources. In addition to that, keep any eye on your outbox as well.

If you notice email in your outbox that you do not recall sending then this is an indication that there is a virus in your computer.

Your Computer Crashes and Freezes
As mentioned previously, a virus can damage your hard drive. This causes your computer to freeze and crash. What’s even worse is that viruses make it next to impossible for your PC to reboot.

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