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The Best iPhone Accessories From The Fix in Paramus, NJ

iPhones are great for taking pictures and videos, but you need iPhone accessories to capture those moments. One of the most popular iPhone accessories is the magnetic ring mount. This holder snaps onto the back of your iPhone to keep it stable when scrolling, taking pictures or making phone calls. These handy gadgets double as a stand, too. These stylish iPhone accessories can be found from several different manufacturers. These are some of the best iPhone accessories.


Some of the best iPhone accessories have the ability to protect and store your device. PopSockets are very popular and allow you to hold the iPhone in one hand while using it as a stand. They also feature a built-in adhesive to prevent cable bending. Cable Bites are another popular iPhone accessory. They fit over cables and help prevent cable wear by keeping the cables from tangling. These items are great iPhone accessories and can make your phone look brand new.

The iPhone Cable is one of the best iPhone accessories on the market. This durable cable comes with sealed caps and is made from the same material as guitar audio cables. This accessory is compatible with all iPhone models and comes with a 6-foot extension cable that works with your existing USB cord. The extension cable is tangle-resistant and can be easily attached to the phone. It can even hold your charging cable, so you can use it while holding the phone.