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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Battery Replacement

If you’ve recently noticed the battery is dying on your Surface Pro 4 tablet, you may want to replace the battery. There are several battery replacement options available for your model. In this article, we will discuss the process of getting a new battery and what to expect in the process. We’ll also talk about the requirements needed for a replacement battery, as well as the costs. This is a great resource for anyone who has a Surface Pro 4 tablet and needs to replace the battery.


Cost of a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Battery Replacement


If you’re tired of your Surface Pro 4’s battery dying quickly, consider getting a new one. You can get a replacement battery for around $90. You’ll receive a brand-new 5050mAh battery, free tools, and a full one-year money-back guarantee.


While getting a new battery for a Surface Pro 4 can be expensive, there are other ways to save money and still get your device up and running. First of all, you can check out local repair shops. Some even offer trade-in services for a cash deposit. You can also try to repair yourself if you have the skills.


Another way to save money on a new battery is to use a refurbished battery. Microsoft offers an extended warranty, but it costs $149. The warranty also covers accidental damage. You may need to pay a deductible for the warranty’s coverage. If the replacement battery doesn’t work, you can use a refurbished battery or a replacement battery from your device.


If you bought a refurbished Surface Pro 4, you should register it with Microsoft. They have a service center in the U.S. and they will provide you with a new one if it fails during your warranty period. If you have purchased a used Surface Pro, it is important to keep in mind that it may not be covered under the warranty.


Repercussions of Replacing a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Battery


Replacing a battery on a Microsoft Surface Pro is not an easy process. If done improperly, you could permanently disable the device. Thankfully, there are a few ways to avoid this problem. First, try not to overcharge the battery. Windows 10 gives users the option of charging the battery to less than 100 percent. In this case, the Surface Pro will stop charging before it gets to 100 percent. If this doesn’t fix the problem, it’s best to fully shut down the computer and disconnect the power supply.


While it may be tempting to replace the battery, you should not rush it. A swollen battery could lead to several problems. For example, if you do try to replace a swollen battery, the battery may leak toxic gas into the air. This could be hazardous if you’re flying. You might also want to consider recycling the device instead.


Another way to prolong the life of the battery is to switch off the background programs that use a lot of power. These background programs could include backup programs or virus protection software. These programs can drain the battery more quickly than normal. You can also change the performance slider to optimize battery life.


A replacement battery for a Surface Pro 4 is made of high-quality Class A+ Li-ion cells. It also includes a smart circuit board chip and is made of high-temperature and wear-resistant ABS environmental protection materials. The battery has gone through a rigorous testing process to ensure it meets safety standards. It also has to pass safety certifications from the European Union (CE) and the United States (UL). This certification ensures that the replacement battery you purchase has of high quality.

Requirements for a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Battery Replacement


If you have a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 laptop, then you may be wondering about battery replacement options. Although the battery life is passable, it will eventually run out. You’ll need a new battery after a certain amount of time, and there are many options. If you’re planning on using your Surface Pro 4 for many hours at a time, then you should consider a battery replacement. The replacement battery can be quite expensive, but it will provide you with the necessary power for many hours.


Microsoft provides a specialized battery replacement kit for Surface Pro 4 laptops. The kit contains a 7.6-volt battery with a capacity of 5087mAh and tools for removing the expended unit. If you are performing this replacement yourself, you should be aware of a few precautions, including wearing safety glasses. You’ll also need high-concentration isopropyl alcohol and a specialized thermal paste cleaner.


Before buying a replacement battery for your Surface Pro 4, be sure to check the battery part number. It’s better to get the highest quality possible, as higher-quality cells are more efficient at charging and maintain their charge for longer. It’s also safer and more environmentally friendly than the lower-quality option.


The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 comes with three different processor configurations. The model you choose should depend on the amount of processing power you need. The base model has a dual-core Intel Core m3-6Y30 processor with a maximum frequency of 2.20 GHz. The mid-range model features the Intel HD graphics 515 processor, with a base frequency of 300 MHz and a boost frequency of 850 MHz.