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iPad Air 2 battery replacement

The battery of the iPad Air 2 may not charge due to improper charging cables, high voltage, liquid contact or impact. As a result, we cannot charge our device or our charging time is limited and too little. For these reasons, theĀ iPad Air 2 battery replacement may be required. When replacing the battery, it is especially important that it is carried out by reliable and expert service personnel. The batteries used must be compatible with the device and manufactured for iPad models.

If you want to get a price related toĀ iPad Air 2 battery replacement, you can get information from ourĀ tablet repairĀ page. Battery life is the total lifetime of your iPad battery. Depending on normal use, theĀ iPad Air 2 battery replacementĀ is required when it is charged 1000 times on average. The number of charges may vary depending on your environment.

Apple iPad Battery Optimization


The iPad display light is one of the most important factors that affect iPad battery life. To adjust the brightness of the iPad, turn on Settings> Brightness> Auto-Brightness. This will automatically adjust the brightness of the iPad display according to the ambient light.

Some games and apps downloaded from the App Store increase the iPad screen brightness or turn off Auto-Brightness. Some applications reduce battery life using Local Services.

Keep iPad Wi-Fi turned off when not in use. For iPad Wi-Fi + 3G models, keep 3G off when not in use.

iPad Airplane Mode; Keep it turned on if there is no Wi-Fi and 3G in the environment. This means that the iPad does not continuously search for Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity, and your battery life is extended.

Keep iPad Location Services off as needed. iPad location services; You can manage it in Settings> General> Location Services.

Turn off iPad Push Notification. When this feature is turned on, which allows you to be notified of instant data exchanges, your iPad battery usage time is reduced. You can manage this feature in Settings> Notifications tab.

Under the Get New Data tab from iPad Mail management, change the Push Forward feature to Manual Control or select Every Hourly. Thus, it will not continuously check the mail. In this case, your iPad battery life will increase.

Turn off iPad Key Lock when you are not using the iPad. Select Lock> 1 minute from Settings> General> Auto-Lock. When you are not using the iPad, the screen turns off and your battery life is extended.

If you have still problems with your iPad Air 2 device, you can get support from our technical service forĀ iPad Air 2 battery replacement.

iPad Air 2 Battery Replacement

The most important part of your iPad is its battery. The battery is the component of your device which powers all the other parts and makes it possible to use your tablet for other works. So having a battery which lasts for a long time becomes a necessity. Not only does the iPad Air 2 beats all its competitors in the brand-name and features provided but it also becomes a trailblazer when the topic of discussion comes to its battery.

The battery of the iPad Air 2 is composed of rechargeable lithium ion cell and is rated at 7340 mAh. This battery works very finely for all your day to day operations and gives you the power to do more with your tablet. But the battery canā€™t last forever and you will sooner or later need anĀ iPad Air 2 battery replacementĀ for your tablet. Thanks to The FIX, getting anĀ iPad Air 2 battery replacementĀ has become quite simple. We at The FIX give you the best quality battery replacement services to bring your phone back to life.

iPad Air 2 Battery Replacement

Cheapest iPad Air 2 battery replacement?

As time passes and your iPad becomes old, the battery capacity also keeps on decreasing by a large extent. This depreciation goes on until the battery cannot support your device even for an hour before getting completely discharged. The battery drains very fast even when the tablet is at rest. Also, your tablet gets switched off suddenly even when the battery status shows a considerable amount of battery left. If you too are facing any of these problems, then it means that the time has come for you to start searching the internet forĀ iPad Air 2 battery replacementĀ near your location.

All your searches will ultimately lead you to The FIX, the place to get really cheapĀ iPad Air 2 battery replacementĀ for your device.Ā You can come to our store for getting a battery replacement without worrying about theĀ iPad Air 2 battery replacementĀ cost. We charge you only the reasonable and the least amountĀ ofĀ money for fixing up your phoneā€™s battery. You can contact The FIX today to get a free estimate of yourĀ iPad Air 2 battery replacementĀ costs.

Best iPad Air 2 battery replacement staff

We want our customers to have the best in class battery replacement services. That is why we house only the highly trained and experienced and duly talented technicians at The FIX. All our technicians are professional repairmen. They always try to give timely and amazing iPad Air 2 battery replacementĀ services. To keep up the high quality of battery replacement, we make sure that you get only the high-quality battery.

Other third party repair shops use fake iPad Air 2 battery or just simply put the old batteries in your tablet claiming it to be brand new. This not only makes you feel cheated but also damages your tablet. Therefore you should always go to The FIX for getting an iPad Air 2 battery replacementĀ services. All of the repairs and replacements done by us also come with a guarantee period.

So what are you waiting for? Visit The FIX right now and let the experts work out on repairing your iPad while you sit back and relax. You will never be disappointed with our services. With The FIX you get the best everĀ iPad Air 2 battery replacement. Come to our store to experience it for yourself.