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How to Screenshot on Samsung?

How To Screenshot on Samsung

Do you want to take a screenshot of anything on your Samsung phone’s screen and record it? How to screenshot on Samsung? The answer to your question we have prepared for you in this article.

One of the simplest features on every smartphone is to take a screenshot. Basically, this function can be on any smartphone to capture screenshots, but each model can have slightly different screen capture methods. There are multiple ways to capture a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 + phones.

How To Screenshot on Samsung

How To Screenshot on Samsung

Here are all the ways you can capture, edit, and share screenshots on the Galaxy S9:

  • Basic screenshot
  • Palm screenshot
  • Scrolling screenshot
  • Palm Screenshot

Samsung also offers a secondary way to use the edge of your hand to activate the same screen display options and activate the process.

  • Settings> Movements and Signs> Swipe with your Palm to Capture the¬†Screen,
  • Open the screen you want to capture,
  • Place the palm of your hand on the edge of the screen and slide it to the face of the phone
  • The screen image will be captured in the same way as above, with the same editing and sharing options at the bottom of the screen.

Scrolling screenshot

Galaxy S9 screenshot scrolling If you start a screenshot with a button combination or palm scroll button, you’ll sometimes see an extra option in this sub-edit bar: scroll capture. This option allows you to scroll through applications that automatically scroll vertically and combine several screenshots into a high-screen display.

  • Open the screen you want to capture,
  • Any application that is open, do not forget to start this process at the top of what you want to do, because scrolling only goes down,
  • Use the basic function or the palm screen capture technique to start the screenshot,
  • Tap the scroll capture icon at the bottom of the screenshot editing menu,
  • Keep tapping the scroll capture until it covers everything in the app you want to capture,
  • The screen display with extra-long scroll will be saved in the same way as the others,
  • Now you can edit, crop and share.

Bixby Button

Bixby Voice can be useful for taking screenshots.

  • Open the screen you want to capture,
  • Hold down the Bixby Button, or if you have configured, say Hey Bixby,
  • Continue with Taking a screenshot when the interface is activated,
  • The screenshot will automatically be saved in the gallery, then you can view, edit, and share.

The screenshots are very easy on Samsung phones. You can do this in a simple way by simply touching 2 keys. Here’s how to screenshot on Samsung? The screen capture is done in two different ways on the Samsung phones.

How To Screenshot on Samsung

How to take screenshots on phones with Home button? For Samsung’s home button models, you need to press the home button and the power button at the same time to take a screenshot. Pressing these two keys at the same time will take a screenshot. How to take screenshots on phones without the Home button?

Especially Samsung’s new models do not have a home button. For phones without a Home key, press and hold the power and volume buttons at the same time to take a screenshot. This will take a screenshot. To take a screenshot, press and hold these buttons for about 2 seconds. In addition, on some Samsung models (Note series), you can take a screenshot with S PEN and make changes and drawings on the screen with a pen.

Being one of the most preferred brands worldwide, Samsung offers a wide range of electronics with cutting edge technology including smartphones, tablets, TV’s etc. In this technological world people often prefer those brands which offer a high degree of convenience. Thus Samsung has implemented various new features to make the phone user friendly.

Many Samsung users want to know the full capabilities of their mobile device and always ask how to screenshot on Samsung. In this article the team of THE FIX has brought to you all the direct and hidden features on a Samsung device that help you to take a screenshot on Samsung.

There are multiple methods on how to screenshot on Samsung. Samsung has various ways to screenshot the images on the screen. Some of the ways which one can use to screenshot in Samsung mobile phones are as follows:


STEP 1:Firstly  hold the power and home button and then press the Power and Home buttons at the same time.

STEP 2: It is required to hold the buttons for a few seconds so that the image gets captured.

STEP 3: Hold the button until the shutter sound is heard or one is able to see a visual indication that the picture has been taken.

STEP 4: You will get a flash notification that the image has been saved in your gallery.


STEP 1:  This feature has been recently added to Samsung devices . For this one needs to place their finger on the side of the screen .

STEP 2: After completing the first step swipe your fingers horizontally across the screen in diagonal direction.

STEP 3: After that the sound of camera shutter can be heard and one can see a screenshot move across the screen and then a notification flashes on the screen viewing that the picture has been saved in the gallery.

This method can take a few tries in comparison to others methods.


In some of the latest models of Samsung this feature is also available. In order to take screenshot using a pen one needs to perform the following steps:

STEP 1: Firstly it is needed to select Screen Write from the Air Command options to take a screenshot.

STEP 2: In this one  can also write notes on top of the image. There are options available in the top toolbar to change  pen colour and size if one wants to add creative look. The option for erase, undo and to crop are also available.

STEP 4: Once these steps are completed tap on the share or save button present at the bottom of the screen.

These were some of the ways in which you can take a screenshot on Samsung. Now you know how to screenshot on Samsung. Keep in touch with our blogs that are brought to you by the expert team of The FIX to stay updated with all the features which are offered by the various brands. Visit The FIX for all kinds of technological assistance and repairs.

In this article, we gave you information about how to screenshot on Samsung. For more questions and comments, please contact TheFixSolutions team in the contact section.