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How to Repair an HTC One Screen

In this article, we’ll cover the process of repairing an HTC One screen, as well as the parts and tools needed for the job. The process is easy and should only take a couple of hours. To complete the job, we’ll need a pry tool, thin adhesive strips, and a broken screen. After that, we’ll reassemble the device. Be sure to lock down the LCD cable and jawbone connector.




If you’re in need of an HTC One screen replacement, there are several steps you can take to ensure that the process is successful. The first step in the process is determining which part of your HTC One is damaged and then identifying the proper way to repair it. A good way to do this is by consulting a repair manual.


To replace a broken or damaged HTC One screen, you’ll need a pry tool and thin adhesive strips. The screen may be damaged due to a broken LCD display, or it may have been scratched. Before you proceed, make sure the LCD cable is properly locked into place and the jawbone connector is locked in place.


The touchscreen of your HTC One is an important part of your device. If it’s cracked or broken, this is an indication that the screen needs replacement. You can either choose to purchase a new touchscreen or opt for a refurbished one. Either way, it’s essential to follow the instructions carefully so that you don’t ruin the new screen.




If your HTC One is suffering from a cracked screen, you have two options: a service center or a local repair shop. While the former is the pricier option, it ensures that the replacement screen is good and comes with a limited warranty. Also, a local repair shop may not have good quality parts and may not be able to guarantee your phone’s screen repair. Lastly, local repair shops may only be able to find a broken screen on another phone, which is not ideal.


One option for reducing the cost of a screen replacement is to sign up for the HTC Advantage program. This insurance program covers the cost of a screen replacement within the first six months of ownership. If you have this insurance, you don’t have to worry about the cost of the replacement or whether your carrier will charge you a deductible.


Other options include mail-in HTC One glass repair kits. The Fix also offers express service, which allows you to have your screen repaired within minutes.

Parts needed


You’ll need the following parts to replace the cracked or broken screen on your HTC One. First, you’ll need a pry tool and some thin adhesive strips. Next, you’ll need to separate the front screen from the device’s housing. To do this, you’ll use a flat plastic pry tool to pry along both sides of the device. Be careful not to pull out the battery, as it may stick to the housing. Secondly, you’ll need a jawbone connector and a lockdown cable.


Once you’ve located the parts that are damaged, you’ll need to swap them. This will show you the exact steps needed to replace the screen assembly. After watching the video, follow the steps in reverse order to ensure that the process is correct.


If you’re using an HTC One X10, the screen assembly is complete. This means that you’ll need to replace the touch screen (digitizer) and LCD screen (LCD). The whole screen assembly is easier to replace than a single component, and you can replace it within a few minutes.




The HTC One family of smartphones comes with a free screen replacement program that is called HTC Advantage. This program covers broken screens within six months of purchase. The program also gives you up to 50GB of Dropbox cloud storage, two years of guaranteed updates, and a one-time screen replacement for free.


The process of replacing the screen on your HTC One is relatively easy. All you need is a pry tool and some thin adhesive strips. Before you get started, be sure to lock the LCD cable down and disconnect the jawbone connector. After the screen replacement is complete, reassemble the device.


In case of a broken screen, the HTC One screen replacement service will offer a prepaid shipping label. In most cases, the replacement procedure will take eight to ten minutes.