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How to Fix Tablet Touch Screen not Responding?


How To Fix Tablet Touchscreen Not Responding

How to fix tablet touch screen not responding or what should be done when the Android screen does not respond to the touch screen?

Touch screens have certainly brought great convenience to our lives, but when the touch screen in our phone or consumption stops working, all this ease of use is thrown out of the window, and frustration arises very quickly.

The biggest problem is that on some devices, the touch screen is the only way to interact with your phone or tablet. You may suddenly feel completely locked from your device when the touch screen does not respond.

As compared to a keypad input device, touch screen devices, especially tablets wins a lot of users all over the world nowadays. The onus for this high demand goes mainly to its advantages, such as high speed, easy operation, durability, and more.

How To Fix Tablet Touchscreen Not Responding

While touchscreen tablets lure you with their outstanding merits, they also come with their fair share of problems and its inevitable that you may also face these issues. Tablet touch screen not responding is a very common problem and people often search for solutions on how to fix tablet touchscreen not responding.

On the broader spectrum, this problem of unresponsive tablet touch screen issue can be divided into two situations: software problem and physical damage.

When you are left with a tablet that is not responding, you will not be able to operate your tablet at all. So, you need to know how to fix tablet touch screen not responding issue in order to make your tablet return to normal state.

Today, we will be showing you solutions to solving all kinds of tablet touch screen not responding issues that you can perform with ease. Before moving on with fixing this issue, we highly recommend that you back up all the data on the unresponsive Android phone to a safe location so that you can get access to it later on.

We will be telling you what the experts at The FIX have to say on the causes of this problem and then show you how to fix Android touch screen not responding which may be caused by any software problem or physical damage.

It’s very common for most tablets to get an unresponsive touch screen at some times. It completely stops responding to any of your actions and you don’t understand what caused it. Here are the probable reasons that may cause tablet touch screen not responding problem followed by some common solutions to them.

Why is My Tablet Touchscreen Not Responding?

  • Sometimes the outside surrounding environment causes the tablet screen becomes less sensitive. This may be caused by magnets, static electricity build up, dirt, sweat, voltage upsurge or very high or low temperatures.
  • At times it may happen that some personal settings interfere with the tablet’s software, thus causing the unresponsive touch screen.
  • A failure to update the firmware may also cause the tablet screen to stop responding. This is because the important software files that are required to run the different components of your tablet smoothly are not able to be installed correctly.
  • Sometimes certain apps cause your tablet’s touch screen to stop working. This may happen because of the excessive large size of the application that you are trying to run or it may be the result of some type of malware.

How To Fix Tablet Touchscreen Not Responding Problem

There are several easy and advanced steps to resolve the problem before you take the non-working (unresponsive) touch screen to repair.

Basic Fixes for Touch Screen

  • Clean the screen with a lint-free cloth.
  • Restart your device.
  • Remove your case or screen protector.
  • Make sure your hands are clean and dry and do not wear gloves.
  • Regardless of your level of experience, there are some basic, easy fixes you can try when your touch screen doesn’t work.
  • The first thing you should try is to clean the screen and your hands. Touch screens do not work well when wet or dirty and may appear unresponsive even if your fingers are wet, dirty, or covered with gloves. If there is any liquid on the screen or any other substance such as dirt or food, the first step is to clean it.

Unresponsive Touch Screen Device Cleaning

In some cases, a touch screen does not respond properly due to dirt and dirt, or problems with the case or screen protector.

It’s easy to deal with or remove rules, so if you haven’t done a reboot, it’s a good idea to thoroughly clean your device. Contact us now for the question of How to fix tablet touch screen not responding.

  • Clean hands or wear clean gloves.
  • Wipe the touch screen with a lint-free cloth.
  • The fabric may be dry or wet.
  • Never use a wet cloth.
  • Always tighten the cloth before using it on the touch screen.
  • If the touch screen is still not working, removing the screen protector or the case may be helpful.
  • If it is damaged, you may need to clean the screen after removing the screen protector.
  • Remove the gloves because the touch screens do not work well with the gloves.
  • Make sure that the wet finger often causes a non-flashing touch screen, and that your fingers are clean and dry.
  • It may sound pretty simple, but when your touch screen stops working, usually restarting your iPhone, Android or laptop is all you need to solve the problem.
  • The problem here is that on most devices, shutdown or reboot requires interaction with the screen. For example, you might have been used to touch a confirmation screen from your phone after tapping the power button.

Because there is no option when your touch screen stops working, you will have to use a device-specific shutdown or restart procedure.

Moderate Fixes for Unresponsive Touch Screen

  • Dry the appliance in the wet state.
  • If the device has been dropped, tap the edges.
  • Remove memory and sim cards.
  • Disconnect peripherals such as USB devices.

The steps are still easy to follow, but if you feel uncomfortable trying to dry your iPhone, it’s best to contact us, professionals. So if you have questions like the How to fix tablet touch screen not respondingTheFixSolutions is here for you!