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How to Fix It When the Cursor Disappears in Windows 10

If you are having problems with the mouse cursor in Windows 10, here are a few quick fixes for this issue. First, try rebooting your system. Then, re-enable the mouse pointer function by pressing the function keys on your keyboard. While your keyboard may have different keys for different functions, these are the most commonly used. You should then be able to see your cursor back and be able to use it as normal.


Some Software Fixes Mouse Cursor Problems in Windows 10


There are several possible causes of this problem and one of the easiest ways to fix it is to update your device drivers. You can either do this manually or automatically, depending on which program you use. However, manual updating requires a lot of time and carries the risk of installing the wrong driver. Therefore, it’s better to use software that can automatically update device drivers for you.


First, you need to install the latest driver for your mouse. If this does not work, you can try removing the mouse and plugging it into a different USB port. This will help Windows detect the mouse. If the mouse still does not work, you may have a hardware issue that’s preventing the mouse from working correctly. If the problem persists, you should try unplugging the mouse and restarting the computer.


Update Mouse Driver


If you want to fix the mouse pointer problem, you should update the mouse driver. There are several ways to update your mouse driver. You can do this from the Control Panel. Alternatively, you can use the Windows key to search for and open the Devices manager. Once you find the mouse driver, click it to install the latest version. The next step is to restart your PC and check if the mouse pointer is back. If the problem still persists after updating the mouse driver, perform a hardware troubleshooter.


If you do not wish to update the driver, you can also use Driver Update Software. This software will automatically update your device drivers. Alternatively, you can also manually update them by following the steps below. After installing the driver, make sure to save the changes. If you’ve made any changes, you should check if your mouse cursor is back to normal. If not, you should roll back the driver and try again.

Disable Tablet Mode


To prevent your mouse cursor from disappearing in Windows 10, disable tablet mode by using the Action center. Most laptops come with tablet mode enabled by default. To disable tablet mode, open the Action Center and find the “Tablet mode” option. If the cursor is still not visible, adjust the cursor size to increase or decrease the size. Then, disable tablet mode again by reinstalling the necessary mouse drivers.


To re-enable the mouse, press Fn + F5 or F9 or use the arrow keys to move between tabs. If the cursor disappears after pressing these keys, disconnect the mouse and plug it into a different USB port. If the mouse is wireless, you can switch it on and off again for a few minutes. After re-connecting with Windows, the cursor should return.


Update NVIDIA Driver


If you’re experiencing this missing mouse cursor issue in Windows 10, the solution is to update your NVIDIA driver. Click the “Update driver” button on the Device Manager’s right pane and then use the keyboard arrow keys to select the appropriate tab. In the Driver tab, press the arrow keys to expand the Mice and Pointing Devices section, then press the Tab key to expand the mouse. Now, click on the Update Driver… button. Alternatively, you can use the Up and Down keys to select a specific driver version. Finally, press Enter to confirm the change.


Another simple way to solve the problem is to restart the computer in Safe Mode. Windows 10’s Safe Mode can be used to identify any programs that may be interfering with the pointer device’s settings. This will reset the PC to a default state and restore the cursor to its normal state. Another solution is to update the Windows 10 operating system itself. Click on the Update button in the Update & Security section to select the necessary updates. Some updates may help, while others might not.