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How to Fix iPhone 11’s Heating Problem?

IPhone11 normally heats from immense and prolonged usage, when they get too hot they start misbehaving and may suffer from long term damage. There have been few cases where phones exploded but it is extremely unlike in the case of your iPhone 11. Overheating is one of the most common issues faced by many users. iPhone generally heats up fast and keeps increasing temperature from normal operating levels.

If your iPhone 11 get hot often, then there is something wrong, there can be external or internal cause to it as

  • Continuously using and charging the phone
  • Keeping your phone in direct sunlight or hot environment
  • Playing advanced games, watching HD videos, etc can affect the processor
  • Multiple applications running simultaneously
  • Using bad quality battery or charger

Disable all Background Running Apps and Reboot your device

Check and disable all the background running apps that consume RAM on your device. Apps usually left open or suspended during an update, it is important to end all background app before updating your phone.

After clearing the background restart your iPhone 11 to clear junk and temp files which takes a lot of space.

Now check your phone if that stops your phone from heating.

Update All Apps

Outdated applications can also trouble the system, sometimes some apps no longer meet the system requirement. The app may not work properly and can trigger adverse effects including overheating. Installation of pending applications can resolve the problem as all the bug fixes will be properly implemented. Reboot your iPhone 11 once all applications are updated

Reset All Setting

Improperly configured settings can also cause conflict and malfunctioning of the system. In such a condition, any app can exhaust the processor and result in overheating. In such a condition, resetting can help and it will not affect your saved data.

Factory Reset

Sometimes resetting may not be helpful as the system might have got affected by iOS bugs. iPhone factory reset will erase everything from your phone. You can backup your important data and files.

But if you are still facing the issue we at The Fix are here to help you, you should take the fact that your phone’s overheating problem is serious and might need an iPhone repair service.