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How to Clean Tablet Screen?

To clean the screen of your tablet, use a soft, lint-free cloth. We personally recommend the use of microfiber cloth. Do not wipe your screen with paper towels or the like, which may leave a scratch on the screen. Gently wipe the screen with a dry microfiber cloth for fingerprints, dust, and lint. So, how to clean tablet screen?

How to clean ink, makeup or food stains on the screen?

For more stubborn stains, turn off your device and, if possible, remove the battery. Moisten a portion of the microfiber cloth with water and gently wipe the screen, then gently wipe the remaining damp portions with the dry area of ​​the cloth. Note that there is no moisture remaining in any space, such as speakers or microphones. If the stain does not come off, you can also try using a mild soap water solution. When your device is completely dry, insert and turn on the battery.

How to Clean Tablet Screen

How to Clean Tablet Screen

Can I use home cleaners to clean the touch screen?

Never use window cleaners, harsh chemicals, or cleaning solvents when cleaning your tablet or mobile phone screen. Do not spray directly on the screen. Devices such as the iPhone and iPad have a special coating on the screens, and the chemicals you use will damage them.

Of course, you can find special cleaning sprays that are very suitable for the purpose. But the prices can be very high because they contain alcohol and water.

Can I use a hairdryer to dry if the tablet or phone gets wet?

If your tablet or phone gets wet, turn it off immediately and, if possible, remove the battery. Allow drying as much as possible before reopening. Using a hairdryer, oven or microwave to accelerate drying. Some have also claimed that it is a good method to keep the wet device in a container of rice. But this is not a proven way either. If you have a successful method of dealing with such a situation, we wish you to share it with us.

Screen cleaning sets, which are abundantly available in technology stores, stand out as the best solution for this type of cleaning method. With the special liquid in the sets, it provides much better cleaning and hygiene compared to normal water, while the special microfiber sponges and cloths inside ensure that you get your screen clean and old.

Today we have explained to you how to clean tablet screenClick here to contact us for device cleaning and tablet repair. You can also browse our different content from the blog section.

How to Clean Tablet Screen

The handheld devices that you use every day are some of the most dirtiest things that you touch throughout the day. The screen of your handheld devices like mobile phones and tablets are home to millions of bacteria and it is even dirtier than a toilet seat. The reason for this is the dirt, sweat and oil that lead to bacteria build up on the screen surface and the crevices of the device.

In spite of this, many people still don’t clean their tablet screen because they don’t know how to clean tablet screen and are worried that they will damage their tablet if they do it the wrong way.

This is a valid concern as every electronic device is different and there are multiple ways in which you can damage your tablet permanently.

But there are some universal tips that you can follow when you want to learn how to clean tablet screen. Through this article, we will be providing you with the guidelines to clean your tablet screen effectively. Let’s take a look at how to clean tablet screen.

How to effectively clean tablet screen

In order to clean your tablet device, you require two things: two pieces of microfiber cloths (one for spraying and one for wiping) and an antimicrobial spray or water. You can purchase a touchscreen safe spray and cleaning cloth from your nearest The FIX store. Alternatively, you can also use an alcohol mixture to kill any microbial growth on your tablet’s screen.

However, it is observed that some tablet touch screens do not react well with alcohol-based sprays, so it may not be a good recommendation. You should always consult the owner’s manual before proceeding with any cleaning option. In case your tablet screen does not allow any harsh cleaners, then you can use just soapy water.

Once you decide which products you need to use for cleaning your tablet’s screen, unplug all accessories and turn off your tablet.

After you turn the device off, take the microfiber cloth and spray the antimicrobial spray onto the fabric. Refrain from spraying the product directly on to the tablet screen as this might leave chemical blotches and marks. Ensure that you don’t get the cloth too wet when you spray the liquid on the microfiber cloth.

Get the microfiber cloth damp enough to clean the screen, but don’t get it soaked through to the point of dripping. Then, using the cloth, wipe down the tablet screen to clean it. While wiping the tablet screen, start from one side of the screen and work your way to the other side. Avoid rubbing the screen in a circular manner as this will just rub the oil and dirt all around the screen and not wipe it off.

Avoid getting the spray in any openings or crevices like the charging plot or the earpiece speaker. Then dry off the screen with the use of the second dry microfiber cloth.

Your tablet screen will be all cleaned up and shining.

This is the best way of how to clean tablet screen. If you have accidentally damaged your tablet while cleaning it, you can come to us at your nearest The FIX store and get all kinds of issues with your tablet fixed by the talented and highly trained experts. Come to our store today.