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How to Avoid Breaking Your Phone Screen?

A broken smartphone screen can be enough to seriously ruin your day, if not your week. With how reliant we are on these pieces of technology, losing access to one suddenly makes even the smallest parts of life tough. Need directions? How about music to entertain you on the drive to work? Let’s not even get started on the basics of calling family, friends and coworkers without one. So, how can you prevent a broken phone screen?

Screen Protectors

Have you ever been offered a tempered glass screen protector when you buy a new phone? This piece of technological advancement is much better than its plastic counterparts of the past. Your phone’s touch screen is still just as sensitive without the protector, and it almost completely absorbs any impact damage from dropping your phone onto a hard surface.

Phone Cases

There’s a very wide range of phone protectors out on the market right now. Each has different uses and will work better for different people. If you’re prone to dropping your phone onto hard surfaces, a sturdy case is a good idea. These will often have rubbery edges or corners to them. The purpose? To absorb more of the impact. A less bulky case can be enough for more careful phone users. If you feel comfortable with it, there are many more options for pretty or funny cases with less protection.

Avoid Front Falls

If you can, try to have your smartphone fall on the base instead of the front. That part of your phone has more of a frame to it. Thus, your phone screen is better protected from shattering. Really though, it’s tough to control your phone’s descent in a fall. If there are times that it seems especially likely that your phone will fall on the screen and not the base, try to be a little bit more careful with it. Think top down selfies and times when you’re using the flash as a flashlight. These are often the perfect storm of positioning and awkward handling.

If you have any questions about broken phone screens, feel free to reach out to us here at The Fix for advice or help.