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Find the Best iPhone Accessories at The Fix in Albuquerque, NM

If your iPhone screen has cracked, it’s time to visit a repair shop. The Fix experts at ABQ Phone Repair & Accessories specialize in iPhone and iPad repairs. You can have your screen repaired in less than 30 minutes and enjoy the high-quality parts and affordable prices of a local, independently owned business. No matter what the reason is for your phone’s breakage, there’s a place for you that can fix it for an affordable price and restore the best look and feel of your phone.


If you’re in the market for a new iPhone case, look no further than the incredibly popular Mophie Snap line of phone accessories. This magnetically clip-to-the-back of the iPhone 12 and 13 are perfect for your commute. The Snap line includes two wireless charging stands and two portable power banks, and one car mount that is compatible with all Apple devices. You can even purchase a wireless charging stand to let you charge your phone while on the go.

The DOCK+ is a lightweight, durable stand for your iPhone that supports your device while you charge. It has a stylish color-matched Lightning cable and elevates your phone for optimum viewing angles. The durable, reinforced nylon design is highly resistant to wear. You can use it anywhere and it comes with an included, 6-foot extension cable. This cable is tangle-resistant and works with your existing USB cable. This is an affordable and stylish way to protect your iPhone and give you a more attractive mobile experience.