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Reparación de computadoras

Your computer is not just another possession. It is your prized workstation where important work-related tasks are accomplished. We understand the pain you feel when your computer starts acting up. It can add a damper to your productivity. That is why you need fast, same day, local computer repair service you can depend on to fix your machine when you need it most. At [brand name], our professional, expert computer repair technicians repair your computer in a professional, timely and efficient manner. We pride ourselves as the best repair service in town for a reason. First, between our technicians, we have more than two decades of experience repairing damaged computers of different brands and models. Second, we offer quality repair services at affordable rates. No wonder, our customers love us and refer their friends to us. At [brand name], we offer a variety of comprehensive computer repair services that include but not limited to: broken screen replacement, charging port repair, audio jack replacement, software upgrades, keyboard replacement and freezing screen repair.
Types of computer repair we do:
Our expert technicians are experienced and can fix whatever issues on your computer. We can repair computers of different models, including all the Apple Mac computer series, Personal Computers, and Google Chromebook.
Free Diagnostic
Every computer repair near me that we perform begins with a free diagnosis. The test helps us identify the problem with your device. Our technician will explain the problem to you and then make repair recommendations.
We use high quality, parts
For every computer repair near me we perform, our expert technicians use only manufacturer-approved replacement parts. This way, the warranty on your device is still intact, and you also get the highest quality components for your computer.
Contact us
Drop by at any of our conveniently located repair stores near you for a quick, same-day computer repair. Or, you can call to book an appointment with one of our expert technicians for onsite repair.
Searching for a reliable Mac repair near you? Is your Mac slow and you want to speed it up? Or the display is broken, showing pesky colorful lines or dark spots in some areas? No matter the issues with your Mac the expert technicians at [brand name] can repair your console quickly and at an affordable price. We use only Apple-approved replacement parts on all repairs, and because we trust the quality of service we provide, we offer a warranty on all repairs. Drop by at one of our conveniently located stores or call to arrange a home repair with one of our expert technicians.
MacBook Pro
Your Macbook Pro is not just another computer. It is a statement of your taste and class. It shows you know what you want and that you are not afraid to go after it. That is why, when your Macbook Pro becomes broken, faulty or defective, it can affect you in several ways than one. At [brand name], we are always on hand to restore your prized possession so you can continue using it. Whether it is a display replacement you want or a new battery. Or the Macbook Pro has become too slow, and you want to speed it up we are your guys. All you have to do is drop by at any of our conveniently located stores or call to arrange a location and time for onsite repair.
MacBook Air
Your Macbook Air is a super-lightweight and slim workstation you can bring along where ever you without feeling like a burden. You don’t have to speed several hundred dollars to replace your faulty Macbook Air when we can repair it for you saving you a ton of money. No matter what the issue is, whether it is OS upgrade or hardware problems, our experienced and expert technicians can repair your Macbook Air for you. Take advantage of our fast, same day, and affordable price to fix your Macbook Air without having to wait all day. Drop by at any of our conveniently located stores or call to arrange place and time for one of our technician to come over and repair the game console.
When you walk into an iMac repair center, you want a service provider that is trustworthy, reliable and keeps their word. At [brand name], our word is our bond. We will do what we said when we said, and how we said it would be done. Since we understand just how personal your iMac is to you, we go out of our way to use only Apple-approved parts in our repairs. And, our fast, same-day turnaround means you don’t go all day to get back to work. Visit any of our conveniently located stores or call to book an appointment for onsite repairs.
Mac Mini
Having issues with your Mac Mini computer? Searching for a Mac Mini repair service near you? Whether it is the dread blue light of death or the charging port suddenly developed faults, or the keyboard needs replacement our expert technicians at [brand name], can fix it. We offer affordable, fast, same-day Mac Mini repair so you can get back to using your computer in no time. To show how confident we are in our repair process, we offer a guaranteed warranty on all repairs. Visit any of our conveniently located stores or call to book an appointment with one of our technicians for onsite repairs.
Searching for a PC repair service near me? Looking for a trustworthy, reliable and affordable PC repair center? We are experts in Personal Computer repairs with several years of experience. Our highly trained and professional technicians will restore your PC to new no matter the problem. No matter what you need, whether to upgrade the operating system, speed up your system, replace a damaged keyboard, fine-tune your computer or repair broken disk drive our expert technicians can fix your PC fast. Plus, all our PC repair come with a guaranteed warranty so you can feel confident in the quality of repairs we have provided. Visit any of our conveniently located stores or call to book an appointment with one of our technicians for onsite repairs.
Your Chromebook is Google’s answer to Microsoft’s PCs and Apple’s Mac computers. It is super-light, blighting fast and powerful. When you turn on your Chromebook, you have more computing power than NASA did in the early days of space travel. Unfortunately, a default, broken, or defective Chromebook will deprive you of the chance to enjoy these features. Don’t worry, that is where we come in. At [brand name], our expert technicians have the experience and expertise to repair your damaged Chromebook. We offer fast, same-day turnaround at affordable prices so you can get back to using your device in no time. Drop by at any of our conveniently located stores or call to book an appointment for home or office repair.