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Cell Phone Repair Franchise Cost

Nowadays, due to both the intensity of business life and our personal needs, we do not have time to leave our cell phones to service when there is a problem. That is why you need a good technical service that you can always reach.

If you want to open a high-profit mobile phone repair shop, you can take advantage of many opportunities! If you have questions about the cell phone repair franchise cost, all your curiosities are in our content. Mobile phone repair offers a high-profit franchise opportunity.

  • Total investment range: $ 55,650 – $ 170,500

Even if you do not have any experience, you can take advantage of the developing market and you will have a unique franchise opportunity. Did you know that there are 5.2 billion active mobile phone subscribers and 1.2 billion personal computer users in the world?

This franchise opportunity will connect you to a wide customer base. While some phone manufacturers offer warranties for their products, many customers cannot manage their mobile devices for more than a few hours and prefer to pay to local repair centers instead of sending the device to the manufacturer for repair. In addition, manufacturer’s warranties generally do not cover 70% of accidental damages.

Professional Training about Cell Phone Repair


Franchisees offer you a comprehensive training program and provide the same quality of service regardless of repair or use of technology. Other important points of running your own repair center are included in this training program. You will also receive this training for free with the cell phone repair franchise cost.

Training is prioritized to assist the dealer of a device they have not previously repaired and to ensure that the device is properly repaired. In addition, franchisees give you continuous support in this process. When a new device enters the market, they provide this new product as soon as possible to dismantle the device and provide a step-by-step installation guide to its dealers.

If you’ve learned what you’re wondering about the cell phone repair franchise cost, don’t forget to check out our other articles. In addition, you can benefit from all kinds of technical support by contacting our professional and successful expert team.