Your tablet may not display on the screen for many reasons. The subtlety here is where the image doesn’t come from. So, why does my Samsung tablet screen go dark?

For example: if the tablet comes with an image in the beginning, but remains in the android text or in a different company text and the continuation of the image is not a software failure, and you must format. The hardware distress rate is low.

1) You dropped the tablet and did not display

When you drop the tablet may not be visible when you look at the screen breaking and you may think it is not broken. In this case, press the display firmly if the display shows white streaks or smears, or if the display is half-shaped, the internal display is broken.

If a few screws do not tire you as soon as you can replace it or take it to a technical service.

2) The screen of the tablet suddenly does not come

There’s no such thing as a tablet. You’re sure the tablet didn’t fall, and the screen of the tablet just disappeared. In this case, the LCD display of your tablet may have expired.

The Felix cable of the tablet LCD screen may be disconnected or distorted. Open the back of your tablet and there are 2 Felix cables on the motherboard. These cables are thin and wide, mostly yellow Felix cables. Unscrew them and reinsert them and make sure they are firmly seated.

If you still have not tried the Felix display cable, unfortunately, you have to change the display.

3) Tablet video card is broken

There is nothing that will burn something like that the video card is distressed. Screen chip burning is unlikely

4) Tablet have the light but no display

If you turn on the tablet, the screen comes with light, but if the screen does not come, this problem may be software or hardware failure.

First of all, try the Felix cable event mentioned in item 2. This way can be effective for the question of why does my Samsung tablet screen go dark.

If that item is useless, install the software on your tablet computer. In some cases of dropping, there is a loss of memory and the system cannot load.

If the software did not provide a solution for installation, please change the screen.

Possible Solutions to Fix Samsung Black Screen Problem

  • There are a few steps to solve the black screen problem. Follow one, test if the problem persists. If yes, go to the next step.
  • Remove the back cover of your Android device and reinsert the battery to ensure that the contacts are in proper contact and that the phone is powered. Then charge your phone and let it charge for a few hours.
  • If the first step fails to solve the black screen problem, then remove the sim card, SD card and battery from the phone and leave for 5-10 seconds. Insert and charge the battery.
  • If the previous step fails, the hardware factory reset will be the last step to be performed. This will erase all data on your android phone, but you cannot back them up due to the Black screen.
  • Get your phone ready to reset to factory settings by resetting the battery and maintaining SD. You can store the SIM card in your device and switch off the phone.
  • Now charge the phone to prevent any distractions during factory reset.
  • To turn on the phone in recovery mode, press and hold the Volume up, Power, and Home keys. In Recovery Mode, use the volume keys to select Reset to factory settings. Press Power to reset the hardware to factory settings.

In this article, we have answered the question of why does my Samsung tablet screen go dark for you in detail. If you still have problems, please contact us.