iPad Air 2 screen replacement is carried out by expert and experienced Apple technicians using fully-sterilized, static-free and 24/7 security measures in technical service rooms using equipment specific to your iPad Air 2 device. After the screen change, your information is never deleted and there is no change in the performance of your tablet, ie touch speed, touch sensitivity, and screen brightness.

iPad 2 screen repair time may vary from 45 minutes to 2 hours if you visit technical services. So it is possible to receive your phone on the same day depending on the service.

iPad Air 2 Screen Replacement Cost

iPad Air 2 screen replacement costs vary from $ 200 to $ 600. Replacement of the original screen consisting of a complete one-piece internal screen + windshield + touchpad + outer panel. Thanks to your warranty card, even the slightest problem with the screen is solved instantly.

After the screen change, you can test your device as many times as you want. In case of any disagreement or hesitation, your fee will be returned without question.

How to repair iPad Air 2 Screen?

When the iPad Air 2 screen is broken, the windshield is cracked, the screen is missing, or the touchpad is not working, a screen replacement is required. Screen replacement on this model tablet is done using the complete screen. First of all, the fault detection of the device is performed.

The broken or defective device is then separated from the tablet using special equipment. In order to increase performance, dust, dirt and similar particles are cleaned in detail. The original product is then completely inserted. After all the tests have been carried out, the phone is ready for use without any problems.

The first question asked by tablet users whose iPad Air 2 screen is broken is naturally the question of whether the iPad 2 screen is broken or covered by the warranty. Screen breaks by the tablet manufacturers, cracking of the windshield, fluid contact, failure of the touch area due to impacts, or breaks on the internal display are completely excluded from the warranty as they are considered user error. But here we want to touch on this point. If you purchased your iPad Air 2, please contact your insurance company. You can perform screen replacement or repair for free.

iPad Air 2 screen replacement is a pure hardware process. Your information will not be lost during this process. However, we recommend that you make a backup before screen replacement to avoid any loss of information.

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