iPad Air 2 screen replacement is carried out by expert and experienced Apple technicians using fully-sterilized, static-free and 24/7 security measures in technical service rooms using equipment specific to your iPad Air 2 device. After the screen change, your information is never deleted and there is no change in the performance of your tablet, ie touch speed, touch sensitivity, and screen brightness.

iPad 2 screen repair time may vary from 45 minutes to 2 hours if you visit technical services. So it is possible to receive your phone on the same day depending on the service.

iPad Air 2 Screen Replacement Cost

iPad Air 2 screen replacement costs vary from $ 200 to $ 600. Replacement of the original screen consisting of a complete one-piece internal screen + windshield + touchpad + outer panel. Thanks to your warranty card, even the slightest problem with the screen is solved instantly.

After the screen change, you can test your device as many times as you want. In case of any disagreement or hesitation, your fee will be returned without question.

How to repair iPad Air 2 Screen?

When the iPad Air 2 screen is broken, the windshield is cracked, the screen is missing, or the touchpad is not working, a screen replacement is required. Screen replacement on this model tablet is done using the complete screen. First of all, the fault detection of the device is performed.

The broken or defective device is then separated from the tablet using special equipment. In order to increase performance, dust, dirt and similar particles are cleaned in detail. The original product is then completely inserted. After all the tests have been carried out, the phone is ready for use without any problems.

The first question asked by tablet users whose iPad Air 2 screen is broken is naturally the question of whether the iPad 2 screen is broken or covered by the warranty. Screen breaks by the tablet manufacturers, cracking of the windshield, fluid contact, failure of the touch area due to impacts, or breaks on the internal display are completely excluded from the warranty as they are considered user error. But here we want to touch on this point. If you purchased your iPad Air 2, please contact your insurance company. You can perform screen replacement or repair for free.

iPad Air 2 screen replacement is a pure hardware process. Your information will not be lost during this process. However, we recommend that you make a backup before screen replacement to avoid any loss of information.

iPad Air 2 Screen Replacement

Released in October of 2014, the Apple iPad Air 2 was a beautiful device and epitomizes the phrase “beauty with power”. This Apple tablet flaunts a curvy body and stunning looks teamed with ultra speed processor to get your work done in a jiffy. The main reason for the hype attraction is its massive screen. It features an enormous 9.7 inch LED-backlit screen having a resolution of 1538×2048 pixels and supports multi touch capability. This made it an instant favorite among the fans but also makes the Apple iPad Air 2 prone to screen damage and frequently requiring iPad Air 2 screen replacement services.

iPad Air 2 Screen Replacement-2

There can be many reasons that can make you go for an iPad Air 2 screen replacement. The LED screen may stop responding due to any external physical damage some internal glitches. It may also happen that the backlight becomes unresponsive thus causing the entire screen to malfunction. Your tablet’s screen can also get damaged due to presence of moisture or any liquid damage. Whatever may be the reason, a damaged screen can be the cause of a lot of frustration and agitation. To fix all of the above problems, you’ll need to get iPad Air 2 screen replacement.

The FIX – For iPad Air 2 Screen Replacement

If you are also an owner of the Apple iPad Air 2, having access to a trustworthy iPad Air 2 screen replacement service that you can rely upon definitely gives some much needed relief. Whenever your iPad Air 2 begins having screen related issues and needs to have the screen replaced, then you can count on The FIX for the best iPad Air 2 screen replacement. We at The FIX are highly determined to provide you with the exact solution to all your problems.

Each repair technician at The FIX is equipped with the right tools, presence of mind and the correct knowledge to provide you with the best service. All you have to do is simply walk into your nearest The FIX store and hand over your iPad Air 2 tablet to the highly knowledgeable expert technicians. Your tablet’s screen will be replaced by us in the most professional manner while ensuring that no additional damage is done to your device.

iPad Air 2 Screen Replacement Cost

Getting the screen of your iPad Air 2 tablet at any other place can cost you a lot of money. You will be charged with unnecessary costs and it is even possible that you will end up paying for services which you didn’t even receive.

Here at The FIX, we give affordable iPad Air 2 screen replacement, which is the lowest in the entire market. You can get your screen replaced at the lowest rates. And you don’t have to wait for too long for getting back your tablet. The complete procedure of iPad Air 2 screen replacement takes less than 30 minutes. This means that you don’t have to stay away from your iPad and miss out the important work.

Whenever you need to get an iPad Air 2 screen replacement, we at The FIX have you covered. Now you don’t need to worry about where to get your tablet’s screen fixed. Visit The FIX today and experience the extreme customer satisfaction by yourself.

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