iPhone screens consist of an LCD screen, touch panel, and front glass. These parts are stuck together. If the LCD screen is broken, the front glass and LCD screen should be replaced with a new one. This process is called iPhone screen replacement. iPhone screen repair can only be done by detaching the front glass. If you are wondering how to replace iPhone 6 screen, you should review our article.

The iPhone 6 screen breaks as a result of hitting any hard ground, applying involuntary prints, being subjected to impacts and often falling to the ground. In this case, the screen must be changed before the phone can be used.

One thing to be aware of when replacing your iPhone 6 screen is that the screen to be replaced consists of a full piece, the inner screen + front glass + touchpad + outer panel. Only when the front glass is replaced, the front glass will be disengaged in a short time and cause irreversible problems. Now let’s share with you the issues that need to be considered when replacing the iPhone 6 screen.

How Much to Replace iPhone 6 Screen?

Apple is demanding $129 to replace a broken iPhone 6S screen, while the iPhone 6S Plus screen is demanding $149 for the change if it is broken. You also need to pay $109 for an iPhone 6 screen that’s broken.

Does the iPhone warranty cover the cracked screen?

No. However, if you have a guarantee, Apple offers a new one-time model. This offered device is the same model and color as the old device, and you cannot buy different devices.

The most important issue is the guarantee after the iPhone 6 screen replacement. After replacing the screen, your phone must be supplied with the warranty card. So, how to replace iPhone 6 screen? After the iPhone 6 screen change, the information on your phone should not be erased.

In order to avoid the same problem after the screen replacement, your device should be delivered with a shatterproof glass protective gift. After changing your iPhone 6 screen, you should be allowed to review as many times as you want. In case of any disagreement or hesitation, your fee should be refundable.

Screen replacement service is provided in a shorter time and cheaper than authorized services. If there is a problem with the device case, it may be necessary to replace the device. For this reason, sometimes changing the device seems to be the most logical option for expensive models.

Unlike other companies, Apple offers a second option to the broken screen event. Because the price of a broken screen or glass is too expensive, Apple is approaching customers a little more relaxing inside. Those who are experiencing this problem may request replacement devices from Apple Stores. However, if you’re wondering how to replace iPhone 6 screen by being practical about technical solutions. You can apply for screen replacement by going to the nearest The Fix phone repair.