In our daily lives, we are undoubtedly intertwined with computers at home or in the office. In the computers we use, the keyboard is the most important equipment. Without the keyboard, a normal user is unlikely to do anything on the computer. So, how to clean MacBook keyboard?

On the computers we use during the day, the keyboard is the most important help equipment that allows us to write, send mail or do many other similar things. Keyboards, which we touch our fingers repeatedly, can easily get dirty due to their structure.

Keyboards that have small gaps between the letter keys can also become microbial nests as a result of small pieces or dust formed between them. A microprocessor-free keyboard is undoubtedly the ideal one for our health.

How should the Macbook Keyboard be cleaned?


As it is known, computer types are divided into two as desktop and laptop. When this happens, the answer to the question of how to clear the keyboard takes shape according to two different keyboards.

In our article we prepared for you while giving information about the keyboard cleaning Macbook keyboard, we also gave details about the wonder. Here are ways to clean your keyboard!

What are the Key Points for Keyboard Cleaning?

The most important thing to note when cleaning the keyboard is to avoid chemical substances during cleaning. Substances such as acetone and cologne may damage your keyboard and cause discoloration.

Electronic device cleaning kits sold in electronic markets will be useful. The cloth to be used during the cleaning is also important, and be sure to avoid cloth choices that can damage the keyboard surface. The most ideal choice of cloth will undoubtedly be microfiber cloths.

How to Clean Macbook Keyboard?

Disconnect your keyboard from the computer. Then, place your keyboard on a flat surface with paper underneath. Gently tap or shake your keyboard upside down. Dust on the surface close to the keys will shed practically.

The use of a vacuum cleaner is also an aid in cleaning the keyboard. Gently run the vacuum cleaner over your keyboard, operating at the lowest level. This will remove the dust. You can also use the swab for dust between the keys, even though they are superficially cleaned.

The last and most comprehensive solution is to remove the screws from the corners of your keyboard and clean them. This will be the most comprehensive but last resort, considering that you will also remove and clean the keypads one by one during this process.

You must perform this process with the utmost care and skill. Because a mistake you make can cause disruptions to your keyboard. We have given a detailed answer to the question of how to clean Macbook keyboard. To learn more about technology, please visit the blog section.