Samsung Smart Tv Color Settings How should the led tv display settings be? What should be the color settings of led tv? For HD or 4K Samsung TV picture settings, the most important thing you need to do is to tell service providers when you set up your TV and to get the picture settings done by service staff. Well, do you have any questions? Let us explain in detail how to change picture size on Samsung tv to fit screen.

On Smart TVs, image enhancement is possible with various settings. If these settings are set to random values, the picture of the television may not be at the desired level. We can achieve the correct values ​​through these fine adjustments which we call image calibration.

As an example, the Samsung 48JU7500, I can tell you that if you adjust the picture settings to the values ​​I mentioned in my writing, your TV can give you the desired quality for color, contrast, and brightness.

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The Samsung 48JU7500 model (or any ju7500 model) can be operated using our TV’s remote control, pressing the Menu button and selecting the top icon, Menu.

In the settings menu that appears, click on the first Image tab with a pointer. Now we are faced with the menu where we will adjust the image settings. The fine adjustments we’re going to make here are for optimizing the picture quality of your television, but we need to add that these settings cannot be exact settings because everyone’s viewing pleasure will be different.

The movie must be selected on the Picture Mode tab in the picture settings. So, we’ll adjust our settings in Movie Mode. Then make the settings as follows.

Today, we have explained how to change picture size on Samsung tv to fit the screen for you. Please contact us for further questions and technical support.