We’ve compiled a few tips on how to recover your data from broken-screen phones. Due to the almost entirely glass design of smartphones, many people have to use the phone with a broken screen or body. How to backup iPhone with broken screen? Let’s explain it now.

What to do to Backup Data from iPhone with Broken Screen

Depending on the screen’s fracture ratio, the first thing you need to do is turn off USB Restrictor Mode. If you are able to do so from the Settings section, you can enter the section and turn off the restriction mode.

If the screen is completely broken, the Touch ID is useful. Because this time we need Siri. If the Touch ID does not work, press and hold the volume down key and wait for Siri to call out. If you can, command Siri to turn on VoiceOver.

You will then be able to use VoiceOver. Because this feature will tell you what happens at every point on the phone and it will allow you to get the data you want even if it is a bit difficult.

You can turn off USB Restriction Mode by connecting the mouse with the Lightning-USB converter. However, the easiest solution is, of course, to connect your phone to a computer, and there are two types of malfunctions on the mobile phone: software failure and hardware failure. If your phone is not running applications, has not received updates recently, or your operating system is corrupted, it may be said that there is a software malfunction.

Hardware damage may occur if your phone falls, splits, splashes in water, spills, or squashes. In such cases, many problems can occur from cracked screens to deep scratches and even broken home keys. In this way, the only question comes to the minds of users, How to backup iPhone with broken screen?

It is up to you to take the broken phone to a specialized data recovery center or entrust it to unauthorized telephone repairers. If you apply to the technical Data Recovery team without any intervention on the motherboard and without too much time on it, the possibility of data recovery is quite high and the process difficulty is low.

The data on the mobile phone falling into the water or pouring liquid can be accessed in several ways. There are solutions such as exporting the data by partially reviving the motherboard, removing the internal memory unit of the eMMC and recovering the data with the chip reader, accessing the data using cloud backups or local backups.

In this article, we have answered the question of how to backup iPhone with broken screen. Please contact us for more questions and comments.

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