The screen of smartphones may malfunction due to the received pulses. Common situations are the screen or internal screen being broken as a result of dropping the phone to the floor. If the screen is hit by a hard surface, the windshield will crack, some or all of the touch area will not work, no image will appear on the screen or if the screen will look like ink leaking/purple/ black spots.

In today’s article, we will try to answer the question of how much does it cost to repair a phone screen that comes to our technical service customer representative line. But first of all, what is the screen of a phone?

Phone Screen Parts

The screen of the smartphones consists of an external screen from inside to outside, the touch screen > inside the screen and the outer panel, and must be replaced using the original one-piece display, the inner screen + the windscreen + touch screen and the outer panel.

In general, users are asked if the screen can be repaired. If the screen is broken or damaged, the only solution is to change it. You can think like this. When a glass is broken in your home, it is impossible to stick it back to its original state. This also applies to smartphone displays. Prices may vary depending on the cost of repairing the phone display.

The touchpad cannot be changed to one piece. Produced integrated with the display. Therefore, if you encounter problems with touch does not work, the solution is to change the screen. However, it is useful to make a reminder here.

We recommend that you read the phone brand carefully. The display card of iPhone devices has a very small part called touch integrated. Failure to do so may result in non-operation of the touch.

How to Change the Screen of the Smartphone

Smartphone screen replacement should be carried out by specialized and experienced technicians using special production technician equipment in the environment where necessary technical service conditions are provided.

  • An original product consisting of the windscreen, touch screen, inner screen, and the outer panel should be used.
  • Information should not be deleted,
  • The technical service environment must meet all necessary conditions, ie it should be periodically sterilized and completely free from static electricity,
  • After replacement of the screen, your phone must be delivered with the display warranty card.

If you have any questions about how much does it cost to repair a phone screen, you can ask our technical service via the contact or write in the comments field and have these questions answered by our technicians.

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