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Best Christmas Gift Idea: Wireless Power Banks

There are so many great power banks on the market today that finding the one that’s best for your needs can be a challenge. While The PQ11 LDNIO is a favorite for charging modern phones it may be the best fit if your device is compatible with wireless charging.


The PQ11 LDNIO 15W Wireless Charging Powerbank has a good-looking design. The battery also has a grippy surface, ensuring that your phone won’t slip off the charging coil. The PQ11 LDNIO’s other features include a wireless charging station and an Apple Watch charger. It’s a good option for frequent travelers and people on the go.


The PQ11 LDNIO 15W Wireless Charging Powerbank is an enticing option if you’re in the market for a high-performance wireless power bank. Its battery capacity matches the Kenu BingeBank in size and weight, but it lacks a stand and a portrait-oriented design. However, its wireless charging performance is top-notch. It can charge an iPhone 8 in as little as ten minutes. This power bank is a cinch to use, and its grippy surface helps ensure that your smartphone won’t slip off the charging coil. It also has two speedy ports and a nice LED flashlight.

The PQ11 LDNIO 15W Wireless Charging Powerbank is a solid contender in the category of the oh-so-small power bank, measuring just a bit over a quarter of an inch in height and width. Its large battery capacity and small size make it a great choice for a quick charge when you’re in a hurry. It also has a decent amount of features, including an adhesive sleeve, a kickstand, a raised circle, and a shelf for holding your smartphone in landscape orientation. It’s not quite as fancy as the PB-WL02, but it’s more than adequate for everyday use.


The PQ11 LDNIO 15W Wireless Charging Powerbank may not be as sturdily built as the others but it’s still got a lot of punch for its price. It’s made of sturdy plastic and features a slick face. The power bank’s smallest flaw is the fact that it only comes in white. It also feels a little thin. On the plus side, its 10,000 mAh battery is more than enough to charge most phones twice over.


The PQ11 LDNIO 15W Wireless Charging Powerbank might not be a perfect match for your needs, but it’s a good choice for the budget-conscious. Its slick, matte-plastic finish is better suited to the Apple Smart Battery Case than the iPhone X’s brushed aluminum finish, and its small size makes it a great travel companion. Its USB-C and PD ports are also compatible with the latest and greatest smartphones, including the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9. It’s also a bit more affordable than the ZMI and the PB-WL02. Its biggest drawback is that it doesn’t come in a wide range of colors, so if you’re looking for something a bit more versatile, you might want to consider the PQ11 LDNIO 15W Wireless Charging Powerbank