Have you ever dropped your handset in the sink, toilet or tub? Do you ever get your phone wet in a swimming pool or rain? If yes, you might take the decision that your phone requires the replacement and it can never be repaired because most of the people think the same.

If you are living in Woodland Hills Mall then look for cell phone repair near me and visit the reputable store to get the wet phone issue fixed instantly. Meanwhile, you are looking at your phone repair specialist, why don’t you try these quick tips to prevent water from spreading in other parts.

Parts Affected By Water Damage

  • First of all, the board of your phone is a complex part that consists of several tiny components. These all components can damage or get adverse effects which make your phone stop functioning at all.
  • The screen of your phone can also get damaged when water traps between the backlight or LCD. Other parts of your phone that can get damage are charging port and headphone jack

If these parts are affected then you will need to take your handset cell phone repair near me for the consultation whether it can be repaired possible.

Quick Tips To Minimize The Risk Of Wet Phone Replacement

Here are the quick water damaged phone repair tips explained by the professionals. Water that has affected the phone can spread in all parts and worsen the situation. After using the below tips you can prevent the situation from becoming irreparable by cell phone repair near me store. So, are you ready? Then go ahead:

  1. Take your phone out from the water as soon as possible before the water could reach all other parts quickly while the longer immersion in water can be harmful to your device.
  2. Don’t press any button to check it is working or not, instead remain it switched off and don’t charge it in the power outlet.
  3. Remove all other removal parts including battery, SIM, memory card, etc. immediately and keep them over layers of paper towels so that the water can be absorbed quickly.
  4. Try to dry your phone using paper towels and make sure there is no single drop of water inside your handset because it can cause the phone to corrode. So, gently dab the towel and don’t rub. Make sure to avoid shaking.
  5. Don’t use the hairdryer to dry your phone although vacuum cleaner is a better option that it is even suggested by the specialists at cell phone repair near me.
  6. The final step is to cover your phone in uncooked rice that they are assumed to be best as the uncooked rice can soak the moisture. Let it be there for a maximum of 24 hours.

After following all these steps, you are ready to once power on your phone as well as fix your appointment at cell phone repair near me. Here the technicians provide you with free diagnosis service. Call Us Today.