Suddenly your Apple screen is damaged, cracked or broken and you may want to replace it. So, when it comes to your iPhone 6 screen replacement, it is a pretty easy process if you have all the tools. Some of the tools you may have in your home while others you have to buy from the market.

The Toolkit Includes:

  • iPhone Specific Toolkit
  • Replacement iPhone 6 LCD Screen
  • Suction Cup
  • Plastic Pick
  • Protective Eyewear
  • Small Crosshead Screwdriver
  • 5 Star Pentalobe Screwdrivers
  • ESD – Safe Tweezers
  • Protective Eyewear

Step 1: Unscrew The Pentalobe Screws & Taping Over The Display

  • Remove the two 3.6 mm-long Pentalobe screws located nearby the lightning connector
  • Add overlap strips of clear packing tape over you apple device display covering its entire face
  • This structural integrity makes it easy to lift the display off easier.

Step 2: Manually Lifting Display

  • Take the suction cup and place it right above the home button to press tightly ensuring it is sealed. Hold your device and pull up the cracked screen using another hand. This step of the iPhone 6 screen replacement needs to apply a constant force.
  • With the help of the plastic opening tool, pry the rear case down and away from the display assembly all applying same gentle force with the suction cup

Step 3: Open Your iPhone

  • Pull the plastic nub that can help to release the vacuum seal placed on the suction cup and begin to steadily remove the display assembly.
  • Try to swing the home button bottom of the front panel away from the rear case and use the very top of the phone to open the device

Step 4: Disconnect & Remove The Battery

  • Remove the 2.2 mm Philip screw and 3.2 mm Philip screw for the battery case and remove the metal battery connector bracket from your Apple device.
  • Disconnect the battery connector using the plastic opening tool before prying the battery connector out.

Step 5: Remove Front Assembly Cable Bracket

  • Remove all these three: 1.7 mm screw, 1.2 mm screws and 3.1 mm screw.
  • Carefully place the screws where they are supposed to be placed afterwards. Screwing in the wrong way while doing iPhone 6 screen replacement can end up with damaging the logic board.

Step 6: Disconnect All Inner Parts

  • Take the spudger to disconnect the front camera and sensor cable connector and the home button cable connector. Make sure the logic board should not damage itself. Again use the spudger to disconnect the display data cable connector.
  • Disconnect the digitizer cable connector using the flat end of the spudger. Remember, when reconnecting the digitizer cable, you need not press on the centre directly.

Step 7: Remove The Home Button

  • Remove the front panel assembly from the rear case and begin to unscrew the 1.9 mm Phillips screw securing down the home button bracket while removing gently.
  • Use the point of a spudger to disconnect the home button cable connector pushing it up away the home button before pushing the upper left corner away from the front of the panel.
  • Use the spudger to peel the home button from the display and then carefully fix the spudger under the home button cable from the adhesive. Once the adhesive is removed, you can remove the home button cable.

Step 8: Reassembly

  • Simply follow the previous instruction in reverse order to replace the screws using the same tools and screws.
  • Be careful while doing so and your iPhone 6 Screen replacement will be done.

The process can be difficult doing on your own. So, you can visit the reputable store for iPhone 6 Screen replacement in Woodland Hills Mall and let the professional handle it.