When your phone gets damaged, the first thing that comes in your mind to get it repaired from nearly phone repair store. Going to a phone repair shop, another question that comes in your mind is, perhaps the DIY phone repair can save your cost. Whatever your preference, you always think to get a profitable deal and dealing with professionals at mall phone repair will be beneficial to you.

Well, there are few cell phone repair myths that stop you go for the repair. Let’s start to debunk those myths so that you can take the right decision when it comes to phone repair in Willowbrook Mall (Kiosk).

Repair Shops Take A Few Weeks To Repair

No! The truth is, many damaged cell phones can be most probably repaired on the same day. The people have to wait for maximum a few hours to get their phone repaired. On the other hand, depending on the availability of parts of your damaged phone, it may take up to 24 hours although it depends on your phone type.

Water Damages Can Be Fixed Burying In Uncooked Rice

Wrong! The sugar and starches in the uncooked rice leave behind the residue and lead to speed up the corrosion of the motherboard of your phone. The best solution to the problem is taking your water damaged device to mall phone repair experts who have skills and equipment to instantly clear the motherboard of corrosion, repair it and prevent further damages.

Cell Phone Repair Charges Are Higher

The truth is mall phone repair charges vary depending on the type of your phone issue. Many phone repair charges are cheaper than buying a new phone while others may higher. But, it pays value to your cost because as compared to the dealership, your local phone repair specialists’ provide faster service.

Broken Phone Can Never Be The Same After Repair

This is the most common misconception that we need to debunk. When you bring your damaged device at mall phone repair, your phone will come out working as smoothly as a new one. This is because of the skilled professionals who have vast knowledge about the trained technicians on all kind of repair.

Third Party Phone Repair Store Means The Warranty Will Be Void

Never! If your cell phone requires repair, you still have left some warranty period and you are thinking that giving your phone to the third party will void its warranty then you need to know some important things about your phone repair. Remember, the waterlogged or broken/ damaged display has already exhausted its warranty as the warranty does not apply to those damages. On the other hand, if the problem is only about settings then you will lose the warranty.

Don’t be so quick to believe what you hear. If your phones require professional technician, feel free to contact at mall phone repair in Willowbrook Mall (Kiosk). In case you still have any doubt, then you can make a consultation with professionals before giving your handset for repair.

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