If you are an iPhone user you might be facing issues like screen flickering, grey lines, red or blue screen, white boxes, or blackout which are quite annoying. These issues can be triggered by damaged screens, software-related factors like an iOS bug, etc. There can be many reasons why the iPhone 11 screen flicker.

If your iPhone has insufficient memory or running low on storage, your device may face performance issue like unresponsive displays, random crashes, screen flickering, app lagging, etc

  • Hardware related problem, if your device got damaged or water dropped
  • Software related problems, where the software has a bug or got corrupted can make your iPhone 11 screen flickering. 

The information provided will show you simple ways to deal with screen flickering on your iPhone 11 and rectify these problems. 

Troubleshooting steps for iPhone 11, try these methods before taking your phone to the service center

Restart your Phone

iOS updates can instigate many issues and screen flickering is among one of them. Most of the issues of the iPhone 11 can be fixed by simply rebooting it.  Reboot will clear out all the random caches and post update errors which cause instability in the display system. Restart does not affect any saved information. Observe how the device behaves after a soft restart. 

Adjust Phone Brightness

By iOS update installation some users who faced the screen flickering problem were able to find a solution by adjusting their iPhone brightness. Turning the brightness down can be an easy way of fixing the problem. You can also enable the Auto-brightness option in your iPhone 11 which can adjust the brightness based on the surroundings. 

Check and manage memory status

Screen flickering can also a result of insufficient memory or low storage space. Apart from screen flickering, insufficient memory can lead to a frozen or unresponsive screen. View how much memory each application takes and delete unused apps, media files, old text, etc to free up space in your iPhone 11.

Factory Reset

A factory reset can wipe everything from your iPhone including your apps, contacts, images, settings, etc. a complex system error will also be deleted by a factory reset. This option will fix all the associated problems. But the main demerit of this option is the permanent loss of data, in such case you can create a backup before resetting your iPhone 11. 

Screen flickering issue persists on your phone then that could be a major problem. In such a case, you should visit the iPhone Screen repair to have a detailed inspection of your phone.

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