Water damage to your phone is one the common issues, so not to worry because you can easily find the Oklahoma iPhone repair to fix this issue. When this situation happens with you, don’t get panic. From cracked phone screen to water damage, the professional can handle any problem easily.

At this point, if your iPhone gets wet, here are simple steps to salvage your phone and data on it. The easy tips can prevent further damage as well as make your phone in working condition once again.

iPhone Gets Wet: Prevent Further Damage

When your phone contacts with water accidentally, the prominent thing you should do prevent short circuits. To avoid further damages, it is important to know what you should not do before knowing what to do:

  • Don’t plug the phone in
  • In case the phone is plugged in, then don’t leave it plugged in
  • Never turn the phone on after it has got the water damage

If your phone is still on, you may need to wake it up long enough to power it off. This way, you may get damage to circuits which require Oklahoma iPhone repair technicians to get its repair done.

Dry The iPhone Out

After water damage, the first thing to do is to get it dry. To make it dry, take off the phone case and begin by wiping it down using a cotton cloth or water absorbent stuff to remove the surface water.

If the liquid is sticky, then clean it with alcohol wipes before beginning the drying process.   Make sure to clean it around the ports.

Remember to remove the SIM card and go ahead to remove it. When the surface water is dry, hold the phone to the gravity to get the liquid out from the different ports to remove the water completely out. Next, follow the below steps:

  • Submerge the phone in a bowl of rice or in a bag
  • Cover the phone using Silica packets
  • Keep the phone in a dry place

Whichever option you choose from mentioned above, make sure to use this technique for at least 24-48 hours to dry. Don’t use your phone, while you are implementing any of these techniques. These are the expert’s tips from Oklahoma iPhone repair store. When you are using these tips don’t remove the battery otherwise it could cause get damaged.

iPhone Water Damage Repair Technicians

Water damage to iPhone is outside of the Apple warranty, so you can worry free schedule your appointment with Oklahoma iPhone repair to tackle the water damage with your phone. The third party Apple device water damage repair technicians are faster, easier and cheaper repair option.

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