The frozen screen even after iOS update is not the latest news for the IOS users and for this, several people go online finding iPad repair near me to repair iPad screen. If you are one among them who is having the same problem, first you should make sure that your device should not be physically damaged. Once, you have inspected the hardware issue then, you can move to further steps to fix this issue.

Here are some simple tips that can help you find the solution of iPad screen not working.

Detect The Hardware Issue

If your phone screen has got any crack or damage then looking for ‘iPad repair near me’ is good because the cracked or water damaged screen can never be fixed at home. You might have replaced the screen which may not function correctly. In both situations taking your phone nearby store for the repair is the best solution.

Detect the Software Update Issue

In case your device screen is not working after the software update then it could have a serious issue that needs to be fixed. Before you go to the nearest support centre, here are a few quick fixes that can settle down the problem easily.

Method One: Hard Reset iPad

In case your touch screen is not working, then you will not be able to restart your iPad which was the effective solution to handle this problem. In this situation, take your iPad and press its power button and home button altogether. It will show the screen, but you must hold the button until it completely gets black. Once the Apple logo has appeared on the screen you can free the buttons.

Method Two: Delete Certain Apps

Many unnecessary apps and programs will be there in your device and you may not be using all at the same time. It may happen that a certain app causes touch screen problem then delete that one and other not useful apps.

Method Three: Repair Your iPad Screen Issue

This is the right time for searching iPad repair near me. Officially, you can factory reset your iPad in the DFU mode to repair the problem. When it works, you may end up getting all data erased. Then it will be better to use either third party software to prevent data loss or get in touch with professional phone repair experts in Penn Square Mall. Because, the whole process could be risky to an individual, it will be better to hand over your handset to professionals for repair.

With professionals at an iPad repair store, you will no longer need to search for iPad repair near me as we are here for you with our top quality yet reasonable services. Feel free to contact us today to get the solution to your problem.

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