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The Fix is the Nation’s Top Choice for Mobile and Electronics Repair and Accessories.

Available in more than 80 locations on both sides of the Atlantic, we pride ourselves on our over 20 years of extensive care and meticulousness in our mobile accessories, electronics, and repair business.

Finding your franchise partners is a very important decision to make. We make it extremely clear and easy to onboard with us and get started on your new business.

Once you decide to go into business the most important decision you will make will be who you decide to partner with. We truly care about your success and you are never just a number or statistic. We will become like family and be there to support and guide your business all while listening to your opinions and ideas. Every new business owner brings a unique set of ideas and skills that we value and incorporate into our system. A company that continuously improves and evolves with each new member. We believe this is our superpower.

Fast Growth, Massive Upside


While mobile devices, laptops, computers have severely increased within the past decade, there has also been an increase in repairing customers’ devices.

Our locations and aggressive pricing incentivises consumers to stop by their local The Fix Shop to repair their gadgets!

Available Locations

Worldwide: 80+ (and growing!)

Annual Revenue

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A Franchise Is a Partnership.


The Fix offers a plethora of valuable tools and support when it comes to managing your new business. We know the amount of blood, sweat, and tears that go into starting a whole new store. We’ll make it easier for you.

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Search Engine Optimisation Services

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Preferred Supplier and Inventory Management

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Social Media Digital Marketing Management

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Lease Renewal / Real Estate Management and Support

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