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Need same day phone repair services in Charlotte, NCĀ ? Here at The Fix Northlake Mall, we offer fast, experienced phone repair solutions for everything from water damage to a shattered screen. Drop in today to have one of our professional technicians at The Fix can get you a free estimate and same day phone repair services.


Whether your cell phone needs charging or simply some basic repairs, phone repair shops are convenient locations to turn to when you need help with your phone. Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, and other phone makers offer phones that work with different service plans from basic to sophisticated. Cell phone repair shops can help you find the right plan to fit your phone’s specifications and fit your pocketbook. These shops also have qualified technicians ready to help with almost any type of cell phone repair situation, no matter what the issue might be.


The Fix repair service is fast, effective, and saves money because they do not need to spend time and resources to get you organized to decide the best course of action to take with your unit. Whether your phone has been frozen, busted, dropped, or damaged in any way, The Fix repair center can help you fix your phone quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. If your phone has broken, they will fix it quickly!


There are many accessories, including charging ports, that can be replaced in place of a broken charging port. If your phone has fallen victim to a charging accident, phone repair shops can replace the charging port repairs with a completely new charging port made to fit your unit, saving you the hassle of finding a different charging port or having to pay hundreds of dollars for a brand new phone.

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