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Nexus 6p battery replacement

The Nexus 6p ranks way high among the top rated smartphones in the chart of cell phones. Along with a really sleek and appealing design, the high rated smartphone also has a variety of breathtaking and astonishing features that make it even more desirable. Among other specifications, the 3500 mAh rated big battery is a quality that instantly attracts the attention towards it. This massive battery gives the Nexus 6p adequate juice to run all day without any fail. But however attractive the specifications might be, there’ll come a time when the battery will become old just won’t be able to give enough power to your smartphone. And when you start facing nexus 6p battery replacement issues, The FIX will be there for you to provide Nexus 6p battery replacement services for your smartphone. Now you don’t have to spend hours looking for Nexus 6p battery replacement service near me.

How to tell if you need a Nexus 6p battery replacement? 

Has your Nexus 6p recently started having the infamous battery drain and early shutdown problems? Does the time spent with the screen on or using apps drains the battery much faster than normal, and it often shuts down somewhere between 40%-70% battery life remaining? If you are facing similar issues, then you will be surprised to know that this can be solved by simply getting a Google Nexus 6p battery replacement. You don’t have to replace your entire phone for such a minor issue. Many Nexus 6p battery replacement issues may arise if you try to fix your battery at home. There is always a high chance that you may damage other components of the phone while opening it for replacing the internal battery. Also there’s a chance that the lithium ion battery may explode due to mishandling. So you should consult the professionals at The FIX and let the experts handle the hard work for you. We at The FIX do your give the best Nexus 6p battery replacements in the most efficient and professional way.

What’s the cost of replacing Nexus 6p battery?

Now, the biggest and most important question that arises is how much does a Nexus 6p battery replacement cost? Well the answer to that question is that it depends from where you’re getting the battery replacement done. There are many phony repair centers who are waiting for you to fall in their traps so that they give you the poor grade fake battery and that too at very high rates. You should try to avoid such places which cheat you. So where to go for cheap Nexus 6p battery replacement? If you want to get the original Nexus 6p battery replacement for your smartphone at the cheapest price, then you should come to The FIX. Our services are far better than anywhere else and cost only a fraction of their prices. We also ensure that we make your phone all fit and fine with the best Nexus 6p battery replacement in the least amount of time which is usually less than 30 minutes. You should visit The FIX: your phone repairing paradise today for a free estimate.

How to Replace Nexus 6P Battery?

A good battery does not only affect the length of time the phone is switched on. The operating system and applications on the phone need regular current to run smoothly.

This is one of the main reasons why the phone is relatively slow when you press the protect battery button on most phones. A battery that is getting weaker is also likely to slow the phone down. In general, when battery health drops to fifty percent or less, a new battery must be installed.

Battery replacement for the Nexus 6P should only be carried out by professionals. A simple procedure, such as opening the cover and removing the battery, is not followed. The fact that the battery is secured in the slot prevents this simple procedure.

TheFixSolutions offers the professional support you need for battery replacement at the cheapest prices.

During battery replacement:

  • A screwdriver that fits the screws of the phone
  • Small pliers for towing and recovery operations
  • Angled screwdriver to open the angled screws
  • A pencil-like plastic bracket
  • Spudger for removal
  • A thin cutter to disconnect the battery from the adhesive

These materials are needed during battery replacement. Professional assistance is also the most cost-effective since it will be more expensive to procure all the materials than to replace the battery with TheFixSolutions.

Stages of Battery Replacement | Nexus 6p Battery Replacement

Once all materials have been prepared, the technician wears special gloves to prevent static-induced problems. This stage is very important for the protection of more sensitive parts.

  1. The phone is switched off using the power on/off button.
  2. The SIM card is removed.
  3. The plastic holder on the back of the phone is heated and pushed out from the bottom.
  4. Remove the guards on the sensors.
  5. Remove the screws joining the case and cover.
  6. Carefully remove the phone screen.
  7. The screws that hold the phone’s internal structure and cables fixed are removed.
  8. Remove the battery that is secured with the adhesive.
  9. Insert the new battery and complete the procedure by reversing the steps.

After the operation is completed, the phone switches on and tries. It is usually charged three times with special devices and completely discharged. The last time is filled and the long use is tried. If there is no problem until this stage, the phone battery is delivered to the customer in a renewed condition.

As you can see, the Nexus 6P battery replacement process is very tedious. It is possible to break or damage the parts if they are not treated with precision. Even minor faults when inserting the battery may cause serious problems in the long run.