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Need same day phone repair services in Brooklyn, NY? Here at The Fix Kings Plaza, we offer fast, experienced phone repair solutions for everything from water damage to a shattered screen. Drop in today to have one of our professional technicians at The Fix can get you a free estimate and same day phone repair services.


Is your cell phone or Blackberry being repaired by an expert but it is taking a long time? The answer is The Fix repair and service center. These specialists are experts not only in mobile phone repair but all kinds of phones and devices. And also have a very fast turnaround time. We have certified technicians that are trained and have a mastery of the Apple product.


In choosing a smartphone repair or service center, look for certified technicians who are equipped with the latest equipment and have years of experience in repairing iPhones, iPads, iPods, and all other popular brands. You must be sure that your phone repair is done by technicians who use original equipment as well as having iPhone service certification. The technicians should also know how to handle your busted iPhone or iPad and other Apple devices. It is best to choose a The Fix phone repair center that specializes in your specific brand of phone.


To save more money, do not let the problem go on and contact The Fix phone repair and save you the money instead. The sooner you contact The Fix, the faster you will get your broken Ipad or iPhone replaced. Now you can enjoy your favorite music or watch your favorite video without worrying about the damages to your phone.

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