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iPhone Battery Replacement

iPhones are the best selling smartphones in the country and with such ease of usage, it is no wonder that people don’t want to switch to new phones and ditch their current ones. One of the issues which can force your ditch your current iPhone is when the battery starts acting up and you’re left with a reduced battery life. iPhone battery replacement is thus what people look for instead of just getting a new iPhone for more often than not there are important documents and files stored on their current phones. The issue with that is that iPhone battery replacement is not as easy as it sounds.

iPhone batteries cannot be removed by users and requires special tools and expertise to open the whole case and replace the battery. The smartphone is designed to discourage users from attempting  or being able to remove the battery themselves and requires expert tools and knowledge.

Best iPhone Battery Replacement

iPhones are some of the most widely available phones and people not always upgrade their phones every year. Chances are if you bought an iPhone a few years back or even just last year, you won’t be inclined to upgrade it for it works perfectly fine and is suitable for all your needs.

Issue start when your iPhone battery life diminishes for nearly every other component of your iPhone is of the highest quality and set to function for years to come. And if you visit Apple stores for repair they charge you a premium for replacing your battery making sure that you’d just upgrade your phone rather than sticking with the current one.

Thus iPhone battery replacement becomes a nightmare for you as the iPhone battery replacement cost at the Apple store is not something you can just afford. At the local repair shops, even the iPhone charging port repair cost is a lot and the local repair shops take no liability for any malfunction arising from their repairs.

Get The FIX

At The FIX, iPhone battery replacement is one of the many iPhone repair services we offer for we understand how important your phone is to you. Not everyone can just get a new phone and thus getting repairs is the only way to go forward. The FIX offers trained and experienced technicians who are capable of iPhone battery replacement without damaging the phone or creating a new issue in your phone.

Our technicians are professionals with the required skill set to repair Apple devices so that you can keep using your iPhone. The FIX smartphone repair shops are your ideal destination for iPhone battery replacement for we provide assured quality service and charge only a fraction of what it would cost to repair your phone in an Apple store.

Getting an iPhone battery replacement done is not easy as not all repair shops are qualified or equipped to deal with iPhone repair without damaging the phone. At The FIX, we take care of your iPhone battery replacement and ensure that there are no other problems with your phone.