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iPhone 7 Plus screen repair

iPhone 7 plus has a beautiful design and a big screen for giving you the best viewing experience. But, the problem arises when you drop it by mistake and damage the screen. The screen gets cracked and you no longer enjoy using your valuable smartphone. But the good news is that if the screen of your iPhone 7 plus is broken, then you do not need to completely discard it. All you need is a phone repair shop which will give you iPhone 7 plus screen repair services and will shake off all the worries from your head. 

Whenever you search for iPhone 7 plus screen repair near me on Google, a long list of stores pops open immediately. But how to decide which one is the right one for you? You can close your eyes and blindly rely upon The FIX for all your iPhone 7 plus screen repair needs. It doesn’t matter if you need to just change the glass cover or the touchscreen sensor or get an iPhone 7 plus lcd screen repair. The FIX is here to address all your needs with their expertise and knowledge. At The FIX, your phone is taken care of by only the best and certified technicians so you can be sure that it is in the right hands. We at The FIX are constantly determined to give you the best iPhone 7 plus screen repair in the entire market.

What is the cost of iPhone 7 plus screen repair?

On an estimate, going for an out of warranty period iPhone 7 plus screen repair price at any Apple authorised store can easily go as high as $169. And on top of that you have to pay extra taxes. So where to go now? For the cheapest iPhone 7 plus screen repair, you should always choose The FIX. Unlike other phone repair shops who try to cheat you and extract huge amounts of money from your pockets, The FIX has a quite reasonable and affordable rate charts. The already low iPhone 7 plus screen repair cost also comes with exciting discounts and offers.

We provide best quality repairs

All of the repairs done by us are done using completely original and authentic parts. We make sure to give you exactly the type of screen your phone requires and no other type of screen. The FIX is your go to place for original iPhone 7 plus screen repair. Every repair done by the expert team comes with a warranty period as well. At The FIX, you can rest assured about the handling of your phone. 

Now getting your iPhone 7 plus screen repair has become a very easy task thanks to the services of The FIX. All you have to do is simply visit your nearest The FIX store and hand over your smartphone to the experienced and knowledgeable staff at The FIX for the best iPhone 7 plus screen repair at the most affordable costs. We are always ready to welcome you.