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iPhone 6s battery replacement

The most important part of a smartphone is its battery. The battery is the component of your device which powers all the other parts and makes it possible to use your phone. So having a battery which lasts for a long time becomes a necessity. The iPhone 6s may succeed in the brand-name and features provided but it surely lags behind when the topic of discussion comes to the battery. The battery of the iPhone 6s is composed of rechargeable lithium ion cell and is rated at just 1715 mAh. This battery can be used for regular to moderate usage but can’t last long and you will sooner or later need an Apple iPhone 6s battery replacement for your phone. Thanks to The FIX, getting an iPhone 6s battery replacement has become quite simple. We at The FIX give you the best quality apple battery replacement services to bring your phone back to life. 

Cheapest iPhone 6s battery replacement?

As time passes and your iPhone becomes old, the battery capacity also keeps on decreasing by a large extent. This depreciation goes on until the battery cannot support your phone even for an hour before getting completely discharged. The battery drains very fast even when the phone is at rest. Also, your phone gets switched off suddenly even when the battery status shows a considerable amount of battery left. If you too are facing any of these problems, then it means that the time has come for you to start searching the internet for iPhone 6s battery replacement near me. All your searches will ultimately lead you to The FIX, the place to get really cheap iPhone 6s battery replacement services. You can come to our store for getting a battery replacement without worrying about the iPhone 6s battery replacement cost. We charge you the least amount of money for fixing up your phone’s battery. You can contact The FIX phone repair today to get a free estimate of your Apple iPhone 6s battery replacement costs.

Best iPhone 6s battery replacement staff

We want our customers to have the best in class battery replacement services. That is why we house only the highly trained and experienced and duly certified technicians at The FIX. All our technicians are professional repairmen. They always try to give timely and amazing iPhone 6s battery replacement services. To keep up the high quality of battery replacement, we make sure that you get only the brand new original iPhone 6s battery.  Other third party repair shops, which use fake iPhone 6s battery or just simply put the old batteries in your phone claiming it to be brand new. This not only makes you feel cheated but also damages your phone. Therefore you should always go to The FIX for getting authentic iPhone 6s battery replacement services. All of the repairs and replacements done by us also come with a guarantee period. So what are you waiting for? Visit The FIX right now and let the experts work out on repairing your iPhone while you sit back and relax. You will never be disappointed with our services

How to Replace iPhone 6s Battery?

A phone is directly proportional to the quality of its battery. The quality and manner of use of the battery determine the life of the battery. As with all Apple-produced models, the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus have relatively weak batteries.

This error, due to the fact that the phone is trusted to be optimized, coupled with errors in use and fluctuations in the power supply, will cause the iPhone 6s to expire long before they should.

It cannot be made to any phone and iPhone 6s models cannot be thrown away when their batteries expire. All you need to do is go to the service and replace the battery, but the fees charged by Apple are equivalent to a new phone. In such a case, all you need to do is contact TheFixSolutions.

Replacement is done either with the original or equivalent if the original cannot be found (it may not be preferred because it is expensive). Considering the difficulty of finding the original parts for a worn model like the iPhone 6s, it is clear that the use of equivalent parts is intense and accurate.

How to Change iPhone 6s Battery?

TheFixSolutions reviews all iPhone 6s with a complaint that the battery is not working at all or sufficiently. Factors that cause the phone not to charge, become unstable, or end very quickly are detected. If the related problems can be solved without changing the battery, that method is selected. 

If the battery needs to be replaced, the replacement procedure is also activated:

  1. First, the owner of the phone is informed of the situation and the only option is to change the battery and the total cost of the battery change. If the owner of the phone accepts, the transactions continue.
  2. As is known, the batteries of the models manufactured by Apple are integrated into the case. It is not a simple process, such as opening the back cover and removing the battery.
  3. Expert technicians from TheFixSolutions carefully open the case. Special efforts are made to avoid damaging pins and thin cables when opening the case.
  4. After opening the case, carefully remove the battery and the adhesive that holds the battery. A special chemical can also be used for this work.
  5. Once the swollen or expired battery is removed, it is replaced. A special adhesive is applied between the casing and the casing to prevent it from sticking and moving.
  6. After the battery is inserted, the yellow protective tape is pulled out and the case is closed.
  7. The phone is fully charged and discharged. After this process is repeated at least three times, the values ​​of the new battery are measured.

If no problem is detected after the measurement, the process is completed. If there is a problem with the newly installed battery, the same process is repeated and a solid battery is installed.