Dropping your iPhone and breaking its screen is common and one of the most irritating problems that end up with costly iPhone screen repair. However, today’s phone comes with the warranty and guarantee, but when your phone screen gets damaged, it seems like heart-breathing.

If you want your phone prevents scratches, damages and deal with a service center or iPhone screen repair, then don’t be so careless. Instead, pay attention to your iPhone condition in every situation. Here are some simple tips to protect your device’s screen from common damages.

Tip To Protect Your Phone From Damages

Use A Good Quality Case: A high-quality phone case ensures the maximum physical protection to your device to avoid unnecessary damages.

Cover your Screen: Although it might seem obvious, some people take it lightly. Use high-quality cover which is tested with shoulder height drops and should be scratch-proof to your iPhone screen. Choosing any kind of screen cover will obviously force you to take a move towards iPhone screen repair center in Green Acres Mall. So, be careful when choosing the phone cover whether you shop online or visit a store. Types of covers are as given below:

1.    Plastic Cover

iPhone is a big brand, it will not digest if you think to cover it using low-quality plastic cover. These cover type may light, not noticeable, cheap and easy to apply, but they provide the least protection. Polyethene Terephthalate and Thermoplastic Polyurethane are the most found varieties of iPhone screen cover which you should ignore.

2.    Glass Cover

Tempered glass protectors are a level above than plastic. They are durable and protect your iPhone screen from damages and scratches as well as prevent iPhone screen repair visit. Remember, the glass protectors are not like one size fits all, you have to be careful to buy the right one that fits your phone screen. Moreover, the latest versions of glass cover with an anti- UV layers, a matte finish and other interesting options.

Basic Tips To Prevent Screen Damages

  • In case, you place your phone in your pocket, don’t keep coins or any other material that can result in the display screen gets scratched or damaged.
  • Keep your handset out of reach of kids in your home. It is likely that they may drop your handset and damage its screen.
  • Your method of holding your phone can also prevent iPhone screen damages. It means the way you catch your device prevents it from falling down.
  • Don’t leave your phone where it is not secure for example on too high places and nearby the fire or water sources. Always keep your phone in a safe place.

Still, if your device screen gets damaged then reach iPhone Screen Repair in Green Acres Mall to get services done from qualified and experienced professionals.