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Galaxy S7 edge screen replacement

The flagship phone of Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge took the smartphone market by storm ever since its launch in 2016. Its popularity rose mainly because of the long list of features and the stunning design.

The Galaxy S7 Edge became the prized possession of many fans of Samsung. The worst nightmare of any owner will be dropping his prized smartphone on the ground and getting its screen cracked. This creates the need to get a Galaxy S7 Edge screen replacement. But in reality, such damage to the screen is very hard and expensive to fix. But fear not, with The FIX, getting a Galaxy S7 Edge screen replacement is no longer a Herculean task. 

When To Get a Galaxy S7 Edge Screen Replacement

The Galaxy S7 Edge packs a massive 5.5 inch screen with super AMOLED display and has a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels, which converts to approximately 534 ppi density. However, there will come a point when the screen of your phone will get damaged due to dropping, breaking or any other technical issues. In such a case, you will start searching for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge screen replacement near me. The answer to your query is The FIX, your one stop shop for all kinds of your mobile phone problems.

Galaxy S7 Edge Screen Replacement Prices

You must be wondering how much does a screen replacement for Galaxy S7 Edge cost? The Galaxy S7 Edge screen replacement cost depends solely on the place where you are getting it done. A Samsung store will easily cost you anywhere between $299 – $350 for getting a Galaxy S7 Edge screen replacement. This makes the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge screen replacement cost very expensive for the average American. The FIX is your solution for getting the best quality and cheap Galaxy S7 Edge screen replacement services. Not only do you get original Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge screen replacement at the lowest prices, but you are also provided with exciting discounts and offers for getting it done.

Quickest Galaxy S7 Edge Screen Replacement Services

Almost all the places which will provide you with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge screen replacement services, will take at least 3-5 days to get the job done. This means being without your important phone for that duration of time. The highly efficient and certified technicians at The FIX give you the quickest screen repair services which take less than 30 minutes. You will have a fully functional phone which will be as good as new in the shortest time possible.

If you wish to get your Galaxy S7 Edge screen replacement, then The FIX is the place to go. The dedicated staff makes sure that they provide the utmost customer satisfaction while ensuring the high quality of Galaxy S7 Edge screen replacement services provided by them. Visit The FIX today and get your phone fixed by the best technicians and at the lowest prices ever. Go to your nearest The FIX store today.


The Samsung S7 EDGE, one of the most popular phones ever produced by Samsung, has to be replaced when the screen has a problem with a drop or impact. Just because a few pixels die or a very small part of the screen becomes black does not mean that the screen should not change. Since phone screens are composed of cells that affect each other due to their structure, it is usual for minimal damage to occur after falling or impact.

The S7 uses AMOLED as EDGE display technology. In other words, the type of screen is the one that determines the replacement procedure. The first thing to know is that the display cannot be changed in home conditions. The screen replacement procedure requires many special tools. 

  1. Wear special gloves to prevent damage due to static electricity.
  2. The battery of the phone should be removed to avoid any accident or injury.
  3. There are main structures that connect the screen with the chassis. In the third step, these structures should be removed. However, it should be treated as kindly as possible. When the pins are damaged, even a new screen cannot transfer the image in a healthy way.
  4. Remove the pin from the screen to the chassis.
  5. Prepare the new screen and attach the pin to the chassis.
  6. If present, adjust the camera and other clearance points and reattach the parts.
  7. Screen control is performed by inserting the battery of the phone.

Although the process may seem simple when described step by step, it can take essentially half an hour even by a skilled technician.

Galaxy S7 edge screen replacement | HOW MUCH TO REPLACE S7 EDGE SCREEN?

All Samsung-manufactured phones use screens called SUPER AMOLED, which should essentially be called AMOLED. These high-quality black screens are one of the most expensive parts of the phone.

Even if a small part of the screen breaks as a result of impacts or falls (depending on the phone), the screen may become completely black over time.

If the screen replacement of the phones under warranty (S7 EDGE models are out of date is considered to be exhausted.), The screen replacement is free of charge, or the so-called user error is replaced by a fee.

Samsung authorized service providers to offer an average price of up to $ 400 for screen replacement. In addition to the price of the screen, labor costs are also charged, making the prices quite variable.

TheFixSolutions comes to the rescue of those who find it too expensive or luxurious to have screen replacement in the authorized service. In addition to reducing labor costs, the fact that the alternatives are strong in terms of the parts supply chain enables S7 EDGE screen replacement to be made much cheaper than authorized services.

There are also different alternatives for those who cannot afford the original S7 AMOLED screens. With the corresponding alternatives, the cost of screen replacement is further reduced.

As a result, if you think your budget is insufficient to have the screen replaced by the authorized service, but if you want to get the same quality service, you should come to TheFixSolutions store and get a price.