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Galaxy S6 battery replacement

Labeled as one of the most advanced smartphones of its time, the Galaxy S6 is unarguably among the top smartphone ever created by Samsung. Its non-removable 2,550mAh rated battery, was a complete game changer. The big battery enables the users to do more with their smartphone throughout the day. But after prolonged usage, the battery of your phone might start degrading and you’ll feel the need to get Samsung Galaxy S6 battery replacement. There can be many reasons which lead to the poor performance of your phone’s battery. Excessive usage and ageing are among the main problems. Leaving your phone on charging overnight also causes a lot of damage to your phone battery. Whatever be cause of the battery degradation of your phone, you can be sure to get the best Galaxy S6 battery replacement only at The FIX. 

When to get a battery replacement?

When your Galaxy S6 battery becomes defective, then it stops working like before. The very first sign of a defective battery is its swelling. Your phone’s battery will swell abnormally causing a bulge in the back of the body. Its charge capacity just cannot sustain for long periods of time. You will move out of your home for a long day at work with a fully charged phone and after just a couple of hours it will be almost empty. You cannot do your important work or stay connected to family and friends with such a short battery backup. This is why you need to get your Galaxy S6 battery replacement done at the earliest.

Where to go for Samsung Galaxy S6 battery replacement services?

Unlike the previous versions of the Galaxy S series phones that had removable batteries, the Galaxy S6 came with an inbuilt non-removable battery. This design protects the battery from any potential physical damage, but make it very hard to get a Samsung Galaxy S6 battery replacement as the lithium ion battery cannot be taken out from the phone at home. But as long as The FIX is at your aid, you don’t need to be disheartened. We are the number one phone repair center when it comes to Android phone battery replacement. Our expert technicians give you the best Galaxy S6 battery replacement services. For ensuring the quality of our services we use only the original Samsung Galaxy S6 battery while replacement. We solve your battery problems once and for all so that you don’t need to run around for the same problem again and again.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Replacement Cost

Now let’s come to the cost of replacing your Galaxy S6 battery. The listed cost for replacing your out of warranty Galaxy S6 battery at a Samsung store is about $90. On top of that you have to pay taxes too. This is quite an unreasonable and excessive price for just a battery replacement. For lowest Android battery replacement costs, visit The FIX. We give you the cheapest Galaxy S6 battery replacement in the entire market. You will be completely amazed when you compare our prices and service quality. Get you free estimate today. Reach out to The FIX now.