MacBook Air Won’t Turn On

MacBook Air, offered by Apple is a very popular choice among laptop enthusiasts all around the world. However your Mac isn’t immune to tech problems. It might happen that you Mac may sometimes fail to respond to the Power button or even that it won’t turn on altogether. Many people face these issues on a regular basis and just don’t know what to do in such a drastic situation. Today we are going to tell you what to do if your MacBook Air won’t turn on.

MacBook Aır Won't Turn On-2

Ensure It Has Power

This is a very common and trivial problem but believe it or not, most of the time people complain that their MacBook Air won’t turn on, it is actually not receiving power. Try changing the charger or power cable, or try to plug the charger in a different power outlet. This will solve the problem for many of you.

MacBook Air Won’t Turn On | Perform a Power-Cycle

If your Mac is not responding to your power-button presses, then you can fix it by cutting the power to it and forcing it to restart. 

To perform a power cycle on a MacBook without a removable battery, press and hold down the Power button for ten seconds. This will forcibly cut out the power to your MacBook Air and will force it to restart.

To do the same on a MacBook with a removable battery, unplug it from the power outlet and remove the battery. Then wait for ten seconds before reinserting the battery. Then reinsert the battery and boot it up. This may solve your issue.

Reset the System Management Controller Firmware

In more severe cases, you may need to reset the system management controller (SMC) firmware on your MacBook to the default settings. This is the ultimate attempt which you should try if your MacBook Air won’t turn on and doesn’t respond to the power button.

On newer versions of MacBooks with a non-removable battery, plug in the power cable and connect it to the power outlet. Press Shift+Control+Option keys from the keyboard at the same time and then press the Power button, and hold them all down for a while. Release all the buttons simultaneously, and then press the Power button again to reset the system management controller and turn the MacBook on.

On MacBooks having a removable battery, unplug the Mac from the power source and take out the battery. Press on the Power button and keep holding it down for five seconds. Now release the Power button and reinsert the battery. Plug in your MacBook to the power outlet, and then press the Power button to turn it back on. This will reset the system management controller on your MacBook.

If you have tried all of the above mentioned ways but in vain and still your MacBook Air won’t turn on, then it is very likely that your Mac has a hardware problem and needs professional assistance. You can simply visit The FIX to get all your problems taken care of in the most professional and efficient way possible. Contact us today to get a free estimate and solve your problem if your MacBook Air won’t turn on.